A Supernatural Sorted laptop

Mission of the day: Resurrect an old laptop simply because it´s got a DVD drive that´s become a crucial necessity within the last 24 hours. My new laptop hasn´t got one, they don´t bother with them nowadays because it´s regarded as “backward technology.”

The cloud, streaming stuff, and IPTV have taken over. Go with the flow or fall by the wayside, the same is happening to DVD´s as did with VCR´s, exception being DVD´s can be copied to a hard drive in advance of their death. (Take note, ex computer tech here).

So what is this personal 24 hour emergency situation all about? Last night we were binge watching “Supernatural” the best TV series ever created. Fifteen years worth of no repetition, crammed with humour, and iconic storyline arcs that evolve as the years go by. (Fifteen series unintended free promo there).

Hubby was converted a while back, he thought it was all about horror stuff till he learned there was much more to it, and we´re now on series 12. But last night the unthinkable happened, three critical episodes in a row were corrupted live stream files. Oh my god, in the current state of 6 week lockdown it was “in household” devastation.

IPTV occasionally gets it´s knickers in a twist. Just one episode missed from a story arc is enough to lose the thread but three together means it´s all over. Pick up from that gap if you can, (hey bring back DVD´s). No wait, they can cock up, wear out, or get scratched, tatty bye content. 

However, I bought series 11 and 12 of Supernatural on DVD a couple of years ago for some reason, so we´ve got an old laptop with a DVD drive to resolve the problem right? Oh dear, I booted it up, and logged into a black screen…

So, as an ex computer systems administrator I had another go at it today. Yes ok, that was my job for many years before early retirement, and as technology moves on, those years of knowledge have moved on with it. I´m only telling you this because THEY know who´s boss and bow to MY commands.

Today´s challenge to get the old (apparently dead) DVD enabled laptop working was relatively easy, waking Windows 10 up was priority number one. So I logged into it using my secondary MS account (success) diagnosed it, a few tweaks required, downloaded a specific app from the store and bingo, the DVD drive works too. A suspected hardware failure turned out not to be. Ha and Ha again, I won, (Again).

Here it is, an old laptop brought back to life just to watch three episodes of a TV series.


Mission accomplished.

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