Covid 19 Confusion

I was watching MSNBC news this morning, obviously it was all about  Covid 19 in the USA, the horrendous crisis there resulting from poor leadership, bad decisions, lies, and ignorance all coming from the dumbass dictator in the Whitehouse. The economy is more important to him than peoples lives, he wants everyone back at work, despite health experts advice that Covid 19 will be rife again as early as next month.

Governors of each state have the last say about this, the majority agree between them the shutdown should and will continue. But several states are going along with their dear leader`s disastrous crazy ideas.

We´re all fed up with being locked up, but it´s a thousand times better than the alternative. From what I saw, the majority of rational US citizens will continue to remain put. But the dire predictions from medical experts about free movement by some states is frightening.

So, what´s this got to do with us here in Spain? We got hit bad before the US, yet here we all are, still on lockdown with a couple of minor changes.

  • Adults and children can now go for a walk as long as they remain within a kilometre of their own home.
  • People who live in the same house can travel in a car to the supermarket for a “day trip” out together, still no one can leave their own region, for us it´s Valencia.
  • Some manufacturing was opened up two weeks ago.
  • Some small businesses opened up two weeks ago.

Some bars will be able to open in the next few days, only those with terraces outside, maximum capacity 30% of customers. (Measure that by number of chairs???)

Everything else remains the same, do I feel safe? Yesterday the answer would´ve been YES. Today, the answer is CONCERNED. The bars here haven´t even opened yet, but compare the figures below. Just two weeks beyond SOME cautious restrictions being lifted, both cases and deaths are on the rise again here and in Italy.





(Courtesy of Covid-19 Worldometre).

We´ve been invited to the re-opening of a bar near us on the 11th, I´d like to go, but after so long it feels risky.

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