Mother´s Day in quarantine lockdown

I saw Americans flocking to buy flowers for Mother´s Day on the news, many not wearing masks and jostling for who´s next in line at a local florists. Stupid. As a mum I´d rather have no flowers as opposed to family members risking their lives for a bunch of roses. Why didn´t they think in advance and order something from Amazon weeks ago? We mother´s don´t mind a diamond encrusted neckless replacing flowers that go manky.

Even under normal circumstances there´s complications for us personally, who came up with the daft idea to make it different Sundays in different countries? Here in Spain it was last Sunday, in the UK where mum lives it was sometime back in March, both while on lockdown. So it probably got forgotten anyway because nobody knows what day of the week it is anymore, including us mothers. I had to Google the dates. (Shush).

“Oh look, it was Mothers Day six weeks ago. Mum if I´d known, I would´ve air mailed you the spare 2019 calendar I found in a drawer, it´s got pictures of people on it too.”

Last year my son bought me this, no wait, hubby bought it and gave it to him to give to me. But never mind, I didn´t know it was UK Mother´s Day either, and that was in the before times.

Translation,, “All the love in the world for my mother.”


I bet Hallmark´s profits are down this year, their cards have been on lockdown too. Think of all the birthday people in the last two months who´ve received a piece of cardboard folded in half, with bits of a plastic plant stuck on the front. Recycled presents the likes of a stolen pair of (their own) socks from upstairs wrapped in an Aldi bag and no party. All that creative effort, and you forgot the “not big event” was sometime last week.

Meanwhile in other news, easing of restrictions here in Orihuela will began today, which includes most of the Costa Blanca. Covid 19 must´ve felt like we weren´t worthy of invasion, or maybe it was intimidated by the colour of blue sea.. So we´re moving on from phase zero to phase 1 out of 4. Roughly half the country still remains on zero.

What´s changing? Well, to be honest nothing major, but it´s a baby step start. We prefer things nice and slow here, we´re used to it. Social distancing applies to everything below, so I´ll say that once because I can´t be assed keep re-writing it.

  • More than one person can go out in a car, but only from the same household.
  • Parents and children can go out for a walk, but only at certain times, and within a kilometre of their home. Same goes for someone out walking on their own.
  • No more than 10 people can be together anywhere.
  • Some coffee shops can open for minimal hours, with no more than 10 people outside (has to be terrace only).
  • Beaches remain off limits.
  • Hotels can open, but only for people who live in this province, and they can´t serve food.
  • Second home owners who live within this province can go to their second home only if it´s in this province.
  • Some clothing and other non essential shops can open with limited hours, masks have to be worn (in any shop) and there´s a limit on number of persons inside.
  • Some car garages can open up.
  • ITV stations (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) can open up for cars, but waiting lists will be long. Allowances have, and will continue to be made for what would normally be illegal cars on the roads.
  • Pubs with a terrace can open, but only from 11am to 7pm, people from the same house can sit together outside only, with empty tables between them and anyone else.
  • Restaurants remain closed.
  • Masks must be worn inside shops.

That´s about it really, we still can´t go outside the province of Valencia, no-one else can get in. So aside from the above, staying at home remains the same. All they´ve done is add a limited scope of what you “can do” to the list of essentials only, and I fully agree with it. However 50% of the country is still on full lockdown which includes Madrid, Barcelona, and other hotspots. 

But you know what´s made me laugh right from the start of base zero? People have been allowed to walk their dogs without time slots..

Many dog owners use those long leashes, well they do here because there´s lots of space. To set the scene, there´s a roundabout nearby that has more pedestrians walking round it than cars any day of any year. We´re surrounded by four different valleys, it´s all dead ends and no through roads, you can hear a fart from miles away.

So imagine the dog walking situation in these difficult times of how long the leash should be, rival dogs meeting up always turns into a tangle of two dogs trying to kill each other while both owners are forced to create a modicum of control without breaking a leg.

But things are not usual, there´s the social distancing complication. Turn a corner, and there´s another person with a dog on a half kilometre leash. Two seconds later both dogs are in a virtual boxing ring, or just sniffing each others butts. Either way they need human disentanglement which I imagine must result in false politeness deteriorating to slander.

“No please, you go before me”

“Very kind of you, but I can wait”

“Really I insist”

“Insist all you like but I ain´t budging”

“Yours was further away”

“Mine has more self control”

“No it doesn´t”

“Shut up, what do we do now?”

“Well, you´re the one wearing a mask so…” 

Oh dear, hope they got it sorted..

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