Easing of restrictions, phase one, an assessment

Despite yesterdays rant about people flaunting restrictions in bars, they still have to close early. So maybe the flock settles in around 10am? “Hurry up or we won´t get a seat.” Unfortunately bar owners aren´t going to turn half their customers away.      

Set that aside and the general outlook in phase one is positive.

The Spanish government have been clever about this. The restricted measures of “phase one” I listed in this post came into effect on Monday. The whole concept has been named:

“Health before wealth.”

Side note: Other world leaders have applauded it. 

On the Costa’s we´ve all adhered to the restrictions of phase zero for two months. There´s been no rioting at the (closed) town hall, or cars blocking the roads in protest. Ok so we all moan and yawn about it in unison, but safety first, one day life might get back to relative normality.

Basically, we´re still going about the necessities of life, and that´s it.

Many small businesses are so restricted by only 50% of customers allowed inside at once, plus monitoring, plus ensuring social distancing, its impossible. Extra staff would be required to cater for half capacity, it´s cheaper not to open up at all.

Hotels remain shut, only people living within the same province can use them anyway, so there´s no demand.

I´ve heard garden centres are doing well though.. I mean plants are ultra important during these difficult times?? 

To be honest I know the Spanish people are more interested in being able to visit family (in the same province) than anything else.   

Big businesses have re-opened with a limited number of staff, I don´t know of any that have gone bust. AND the cranes are moving again, a major achievement. Builders were up and running just two days beyond supply chain.

Probably a little known fact, in 2010 during the housing crash, unemployment in Spain was up at 23%. In February 2020 it was down to 13%. (Winter season). 

Sadly it´ll be climbing up again, same for every country. Except Spain has been here before and climbed out of the abyss, experience may be an important factor, only time will tell.           

In other news have you heard about the air travel “bubble effect?” There´s a very limited number of flights available, they ain´t going very far, and they probably won´t take off very well (excuse puny pun). 

  • Australia and New Zealand can fly back and forth in shared airspace.
  • UK, Ireland and France can do the same.
  • Here it´s just the Balearic islands, which are part of Spain anyway.
  • The Baltic states are talking about doing the same between them.

  Well ok, but until airflow filter systems on planes have been upgraded, I ain´t planning on going to Majorca.

Meantime, as of now:

  • People from the same house can go out in their car together. Wow!
  • People can go for walks. Wow!
  • You can meet up with a group of no more than 10 people. Wow!

Here´s a weird thing, Everyone wears masks outside their own house, without one you stand out like a sore thumb. In the before times someone wearing a mask here would appear to be very odd, a double take would be required. But now, NOT wearing one invites the same reaction with a visible glare.

What makes me laugh is restaurants put chairs outside, not because you can go in or sit on them, right now it´s all about the message “we haven´t gone bust.”

It´s the little things…

So we´re going for a walk tomorrow, down to the beach just over a kilometre away. (Not on the sand) just the walkway behind it. Would be nice to paddle along the sea which must be warming up nicely.. But guaranteed we´d get caught and slapped with a 50 euro fine.

This is where I´m talking about, Playa de Campoamor, it reminds me of a mini version of South Miami beach.


Footsteps in the sand.


Ah well, be nice to get out..

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