Forget that walk by the Med

Before setting off on our planned adventure to the Med just 3 kilometres away, we already knew two humans from the same house can now go out together for a walk instead of only one, in solitary confinement. Awesome.

I was so excited last night I couldn´t sleep, sounds a bit weird when the Med is clearly visible from our roof terrace. But never mind, eight weeks of lockdown feels more like eight years, and there´s no restrictions about not turning into a zombie potato head.

For some reason we thought it might be a good idea to check out any Phase 1 walking restrictions, like for example do they allow flowery masks, home made masks, or are we only allowed to use the bog standard sort? Turned out research wasn´t a good idea at all.

  • Restricted walking hours, 6am – 10am and 8pm –11pm, once a day during those times. Ok then.
  • Walking is limited to a one kilometre radius of your home. Oops.
  • Adults may not drive to a location then “commence a walk.” Oops.

We tried to look for loopholes, but there weren´t any.

So it´s ok for people to drive to a pub with 100% capacity, which is only supposed to be 50%????? When everywhere and anything else is completely sanitised, with social distancing and masks necessary?????


There´s a “last photo before lockdown” thing doing the rounds online, so here´s my contribution.

Find the UFO.


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