Week ninety nine Phase 1 lockdown

A few days ago I the listed the restrictions of Phase 1, as opposed to 88 weeks of Phase Zero. Can´t be assed finding exactly when I wrote that, so it´s up to you to sift through recent posts. Call it a virtual game of hide and seek. How exciting.

Let me just say there isn´t much difference between both, except there`s an even number and an odd one, and we´ve just been slapped with another two weeks of Phase 1.. As yet only the Spanish islands are on Phase 2 whatever that is. Different news media seem a bit confused about it, and we`ve lost the ability to be curious about it. 

So this morning our kettle lost it´s spring and died. Our son went out to buy a new one and had to go to three different places to find a replacement. (Nice day out for him) 38 degrees C in direct sun is a blessing, but not when looking for a kettle. Anyway he found this and we´re both very proud of him.


In other news this is what I managed to achieve today.


I wish I could say it feels like an accomplishment, but it really doesn´t. I´m knackered, and when the sun´s dried it all to a crisp, I´ve got to put it away again. Yawn.

A friend of ours came round yesterday and invited us to our ex local bar with too many people, no facemasks and no social distancing. The heart says it would be great to meet up with all our friends, but the brain still says NO.

There aren´t any recorded cases of Covid 19 round these parts, so maybe it´s about the principle. Restaurant owners must be wondering what the hell, they´re all still shut.

I learned today, Valencia Province (where we are) is the only province that requested to remain in Phase 1. With a population of 2.5 million, none of us were consulted about it. But hey, the whole of mainland Spain is still in it together so who gives a toss. Oh, and we´ve all to wear masks now when outside, mandatory.

Welcome to the Spanish Costa Blanca, bring your personal therapist with you.

Big day out tomorrow, I sat on my glasses earlier and one side dropped off, so it means a visit to the spectacle doctor if they´re open. If not, a plaster may be required.

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