Facemask vs designer glasses face off

Well I blame having to wear a facemask everywhere you go, factor in a pair of glasses and it creates a traumatic tangle and tease situation behind the ears that drives me nuts. Oh, and while we´re on the subject, facemasks tend to work their way up my nose, even under my glasses and sit on my eyelashes, do yours? Then there´s the heat to contend with, 38 degrees C in direct sun, it´s torture, we´re all going to end up with white rectangular faces.  

So here´s what happened, we got home and for some stupid reason, I thought it would be ok to just take off mask and glasses together in harmony. The mask didn´t suffer at all, but it didn´t work out well for my designer glasses when they fell on the floor tiles. Oops.


Yesterday I took them to the same opticians they came from, TYPICAL, the one year guarantee has just run out. But to be fair, the guy said he´ll contact the manufacturer to see if it´s possible to repair them. This is highly unlikely because designer glasses are moulded together. At least he never asked what happened, which meant I didn´t have to lie about it, he also mentioned the guarantee might be good enough. 

Hey, I could get away with a “designer design” fault here…

I´ll let you know the outcome of this dire situation (within a very different dire situation). I was surprised they were open, perhaps other people have also tried the lazy mask vs glasses option, failed and dropped the frame.            

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