We did a naughty thing

No not that kind of naughty thing, I can see where your mind´s going here, but there´s no wardrobes involved so stop right there.

The naughty thing:

Remember what I´ve said about flouted lockdown rules in bars, and how we wouldn´t go in one for that reason?

Yesterday we went shopping and noticed our friends were sat outside the local. That was it, after 10 weeks of solitary confinement we caved…

It was great to socialise and talk about everything we´ve not been doing in detail, comparing little jobs we´d been meaning to do for ages and couldn´t be assed with, other little jobs we´d started and swiftly abandoned. You know it´s ultra bad when everyone agrees cleaning floor tiles is exciting.

It was fascinating to watch people wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing till the line between footpath and terrace was crossed, behold a transformation occurred.

  • The face mask was either pulled down under the chin or tossed in the bin.
  • The Spanish mwah mwah kiss continues.
  • Just like the before times, people sit close together.

Guilty as charged we did the same, no recorded cases here, no one can get in or out of our province, so what the hell…

But there´s a bigger problem to “easing of restrictions” in Phase one. For example, many places that can now open for business have to abide by social distancing measures, which simply aren´t workable or cost effective for them, so they remain shut.

At the other end of the scale, hotels are now allowed to open. But they can´t serve food, and ALL swimming pools (countrywide) are off limits, except for private pools on your own property. So even hotels remain shut.

Valid point: Relaxing the rules a little bit, doesn´t mean they can realistically be met.

Mandatory as yet: Most beaches are still off limits. Restaurants can do takeaway meals only. Offices are closed with staff working from home, including our son. Even the Town Hall here isn´t open… Oh but some national parks are, this would be a totally weird situation in the olden days but not now.

Basically, easing of restrictions sounds like more of an improvement than it turns out to be. I can´t see things being much different anywhere in the world, logistics dictate roughly the same outcome. So Happy Christmas.

Note: Don´t be tempted to ease your personal restrictions if Coronavirus has been anywhere close to where you live. Confusing “advice” from a government leaving “choice” open to idiots is counterproductive. There is no “choice” here, it´s about enforced rules. Good, even though life is boring and we´re all losing the plot. 

Another observation: After being locked down so tightly here in Spain. I see the UK opening up too soon, with no county lines shut, and in the US each state should´ve been locked down in the same way our provinces still are. Human rights (temporary) vs human lives forever gone? Take your pick.

Ok, I started with the naughty thing, so I´ll end with it. Recently opened pubs seem to be the only exception to the rules. BUT there´s no holidaymakers here, no coronavirus allowed in, maybe that´s why… Tell you what though, when the tourists can get here again, it´s going to be follow the rules or get shutdown. Guaranteed.

So cheers..

2017-01-09 22.16.21

  Here´s to a happy whatever year we´re in.

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