Illegal but legal

Some of the things not happening here used to be legal necessities in the olden times, but life has changed. Spain loves it´s paperwork, believe me, you can´t go to the toilet for a poo without filling in a form of declaration.

Moving on (excuse puny pun) to more important things, car tax has flown out of the window,, wow two puny puns in one sentence must be an off the record achievement for me. Where was I?

Oh yes, during this mess one of our cars ran out of car tax. But it doesn´t matter anymore, the ITV stations have all been shut with the exception of lorry´s and wagons. On June 1st 70% of Spain moved on to Phase 2, including us, but there´s about as much difference as when Phase zero went to Phase1.

ITV stations are open now though, so let´s get technically legal eh? Well no, there´s a three month backlog and I kid ye not, you have to book an appointment like as if it´s a hairdresser for your car. So even now the cops have to put up and shut up about what would be illegal cars on the roads in the before times.

Ok more businesses are open, even shopping malls, but only at 30% capacity. Imposing social distancing limitations in clothing shops must be a logistical nightmare. So forget the new bikini, queues would either take till tomorrow to get inside, or the shop will just remain shut because no-one can be assed waiting in line.

The big question is, what basis do different kinds of businesses put 30% capacity on? Nobody knows, nobody cares either.

  • Rough number of customers in the before times? Based on day or night? Or cheat and add both together..
  • Rough number of items on the shelves cut to 30% of choice?
  • Square footage of whatever means 30% of floor space. Or (another) cheat, give the staff a pair of ladders and stack those limited shelves to the ceiling.
  • Electrical shops would be fun, (if they´re open, not sure) there´s a HUGE one, at the also HUGE outdoor shopping mall about two kilometres away. So here´s another poser, can they only sell a third of an item?

“I´ve searched for hours and this is the laptop I want.”

“Ok sir, I can only sell you the screen, or the keyboard, it´s your choice.”

Imagine walking out of there with 20% of a 60 inch TV?

Yes, I´m bonkers and proud of it.

At least there´s something we always get 100% of here.

2016-03-28 20.29.02

Awesome sky day or night.

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