A change of heart, mind and soul

A few months ago I wrote about us moving house, somewhere further inland. What you get for your money is astonishing. Just 180,000 euros for a big villa with swimming pool, situated at the foot of the mountains. Most of the ones we liked were in a place called Fortuna. So we went there and stayed the weekend in the only hotel available, mainly because there was only one hotel to choose from.

The whole outing started off a bit ominous when a back tyre blew out on the car just 2 kilometres from home. The police arrived in unwanted attendance, and the dam car had to go on the back of a tow truck to a tyre place. Thankfully the rim was ok, but the tyre bloke said he only had one and it didn´t match the others on the car. So we ended up having to buy a matching pair and wait two hours for them to be fitted. By that time Dave was ready to abort the journey and just go home, I managed to persuade him otherwise. We HAD to go and see this place.

When we arrived at the Hotel California with more staff than customers, we were escorted to a room where the lights didn´t work. So Aunt Sally went downstairs and got the keys to a different room, but the door wouldn´t open. We could hear a big argument going on about it, then Uncle Joe arrived with the right key to box room number 3. It was dark, we were both knackered, and really didn´t want to star in an episode of hotel inspectors. Programmed to receive?

Next morning we surveyed the glorious view from our balcony with broken floor tiles, we could see concrete underneath, so no need to worry about an unplanned decent into the abyss of purgatory. The houses we´d seen online were clearly visible in the distance, sat right at the base of a mountain a couple of kilometres away.The road there was also clearly visible because there were no others.

Oh hey this was the time to go explore the town itself, find basic amenities close by! I think underwhelming would be the best word to use. It was like walking into a film set from the year 1910, a tiny clothes shop, a tiny food shop, a tiny doctors surgery, no chemist, and about 20 bars that all closed at 6pm sharp. To be fair this huge list of nothing covered both sides of the short road, but there wasn´t even room to park your horse up.

We´d done our homework in advance, and knew the nearest place for anything and everything was at least 20 minutes drive away. But we also thought there´d be somewhere from the year 2020 in between.   

After all the mind boggling stress of the past 24 hours, were we in a time warp now?

There was no point going looking at the few houses in the distance, this wasn´t the place for us, I didn´t even bother taking any truly dramatic photos.

Ah well, it was somewhere close to this mountain, a view we can see from here in the distance.


So forget inland.

Our house has been up for sale for a few months and we´ve had plenty of interest. Especially after the water leak and before we´d had the kitchen fixed. Yes during that time we were flooded (excuse pun) with potential buyers, except it must be a put off when roughly a quarter of the kitchen needs a refit. During our six years of living here nothing has ever gone wrong with this house, perfect timing.

Previous to coronavirus, doubts about moving set in. Here we are, 3 kilometres back and uphill from the sea, surrounded by four valleys, amidst absolute peace and quiet. Yes I said FOUR, the dead end road to get here goes over one of them. I kid ye not if someone farts a kilometre across from the only valley with houses the other side, we can hear it. (Joke). Our own road stops at one of the other valleys, gated off for safety with the huge private pool next door, for us natives only.

In reality, the only thing we can hear is the noise of peacocks from a little small holding nearby, then there´s the sparrows, the swifts, and the parakeets. Oh and lets not forget the cockerel who doesn´t know what time it is.

Surrounded on three sides by the Med, the other with distant views of the mountains, in hindsight why did we ever think of moving? I can´t remember. Holidaymakers want to be right on the sea front, so they don´t come near here, don´t even know we exist, (even in a normal year).

All the amenities we´d ever need are just two kilometres (downhill) away, including La Zenia Boulevard.

So basically, common sense prevails.

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