Opening up in the Schengen Zone

What an utter, absolute shambles they´ve made of opening borders in Europe. I suppose we´re in a “test case” scenario here, but the odds are stacked high since June 21st, and by “high” the biggest pickle is air travel.

  1. There´s still hot spot zones within most countries to avoid, some bigger than others.
  2. As I write this 7 provinces in Spain are partially closed off again, and Malaga has just become a hotspot. 
  3. Madrid is still in phase 2, but the airport is “partially” open. Sounds hopeful? Well there´s a grand total of 11 flights today. Three were international, we´re not supposed to be open to international flights in Spain till July 1st…
  4. One of them on the list was Miami, fair enough, probably repatriation. 
  5. Travel insurance is an issue, check out terms and conditions, they may not apply to your destination, but they´ll sell it to you anyway.
  6. Then there´s “air corridors” within European countries, no-one knows for sure how to get where they´re supposed to be, or whether they´ll get back.
  7. Airlines are squabbling between themselves about which one´s going to take who to where.
  8. Cheapo airlines won´t be doing social distancing…

It´s all ok saying “we´re open for business” but in reality, lack of co-ordinated agreement causes uncertainty.

Here´s a fine example, a friend of ours went to pick someone up from Alicante airport yesterday. The guy lives in Europe and had to fly to another country (in Europe) to get here. Total cost,, 800 euros. Total number of passengers on each plane, less than a quarter full.  Total number of flights on an otherwise black screen in the airport, THREE.

Something new, (dark humour involved) Dr Fauci spoke today about a new filtration system from NASA that can prevent coronavirus getting through, he was talking about using it in schools. Great! Just three small caveats:

  1. Substandard filters are IN EVERY BUILDING RIGHT NOW? My god we thought we were relatively safe in Aldi.
  2. Aircraft must be incubation centres.
  3. Name a business that can afford it…

Now we move onto a different problem. We are truly scared here on the Costa Blanca. The only country we´re worried about are Brits, and I say this as an ex brit who thankfully doesn´t live there. Spain had thousands of Covid 19 cases and deaths, yet flattened the curve with a strict lockdown, and here we are, relatively safe. But look at the figures in the last 24 hours:

Spain had 200 new cases. The UK had 814. It´s not brain surgery that they shouldn´t be allowed here to undo all the good we´ve done. No other European countries are in such a huge mess, and we´ve heard what limited flights there are available in the UK were booked up before the 21st..

The majority of us will effectively return to Phase 1 by choice, including us. One thing to bear in mind, a holiday here will not be the same as before…

IMG_20200627_163920_909 (2)

Oh, and good luck getting here, so far all is quiet.

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