God Bless America

There´s an old saying “it could only happen in America” which usually refers to something oddly humorous. Here´s a list of what we discovered ourselves while there for three months.

  • TV shows with adverts bunged together that seemed to last longer than what you´re watching. (It was before the days of IPTV).
  • Chemists selling ice cream, fizzy drinks, and candy??
  • Compulsory ID cards in a free country, when a drivers licence or passport should be good enough.
  • Prices displayed on everything without tax included.
  • Money (bills) all looks the same.

Ah those were the days,, now the phrase “God Bless America” has a truly profound meaning, and there are no quirks.

Amidst a pandemic with numbers rocketing, an economic financial disaster, protests on the streets, people without food and can´t pay rent, a divided nation. Your presidential dictator / medical expert goes playing golf for two days.

He belongs in a mental institution wearing a straight jacket with a mask glued on his ugly face. Hey, make a statue out of that, surround it with a see through wall and a plaque:

“In honour of the demented pathological liar who broke the USA

Donald Jessica Trump.

Please wash hands after taking a piss here.” 

Across the pond we watch in horror,, and now Europe has closed airspace to the USA. It´s not possible for anyone to MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

Ah well, in happier times, here´s me at South Miami Beach.

2006 Florida

2006 Florida

Our thoughts are with you.

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