So where do we go from here?

It´s happened fast, really fast, reluctantly experiencing what we hoped would never happen, but here it is.

The second wave is on it´s way.

Numbers of new coronavirus cases per day are rising again all over Europe. Seeing the figures proves this devastating virus has no favourites. Some countries who experienced relatively low new cases per day in Round 1 are seeing increasing numbers now and vice versa. It appears to be random, or is it?

I´m no expert, but the sheer ferocity of the first wave indicated (amongst other things) density of population was the key to spread. Movement of people, some being carriers without knowing. Huge cities and big towns being the main areas devastated by an invisible enemy.

With many cities across the world still in various different stages of lockdown, the beginnings of the second wave seems to be targeting smaller towns and creating “hotspots” anywhere, even though nobody´s on the move. Several Provinces here have severe limitations still in place. Meanwhile Madrid, Catalonia and surrounding areas remain on lockdown.

Ominously, Spain surpassed 3,000+ new cases in the last 24 hours. The only “blessing” being the death count is very low this time. Only 3 months ago new cases per 24 hours were less than a 100 for 4 days in a row…

Since then we´ve monitored case numbers slowly rising, roughly 50 per day at first, to where we are now, it happened  so quick. One of the best healthcare systems in the world, now with the highest newly recorded cases per day in Europe. One of the most restrictive lockdowns in the western world, backfired spectacularly.

It´s no excuse, but Spain opened up too soon in an effort to save the summer season. There was supposed to be a Phase 4, but it never happened. Even so, people who were stuck here during the shutdown said they felt safer on the Costa Blanca than in their own country. A friend of ours was supposed to travel back to Sweden on April 1st, she finally got a flight back six days ago.

Coronavirus and it´s remaining limitations are followed everywhere, however in this province it´s all about prevention. There must be many other places worldwide in the same situation, virus free and trying to keep it that way.

Oh the irony, the biggest risk for anyone trying to get here in the now times is transport. Cancelled flights, wrong insurance, even the thought of sitting on a plane with a coronavirus friendly filtration system. Nope.

We never actually hear any planes where we live, but we do see the plane trails they leave high in the sky while headed to or from Alicante airport.

From mid March to present day, nothing, nada.


In hindsight, the powers that be wanted to open the doors, they did, people stayed away and the virus is still on holiday.

We still have restrictions to follow, even though hotels have given up, swimming pools 30% capacity, non essential shops 50%. Some beaches closed, some restaurants still only doing takeaway because no-one goes there. Restricted this, restricted that. Masks and social distancing, no big deal, it´s all just normal to us now, as is having a moaning session on a regular basis.

So for all the world leaders who read this blog, (Hi five aunty Betty) take note. Even with the best healthcare, total isolation, and continued prevention, the figures prove nothing will stop this virus from coming back aggressively.

The only answer is to shut every area down and leave it that way, aside from emergencies and trade. For example:

  • In Spain, we go back to each province being quarantined.
  • In the UK, each county should be quarantined. But they have a clown in charge, meanwhile the population recognises and acts upon reality best it can. 
  • In the USA, each state should´ve been quarantined, and because they´re all so vast, counties within included separately. But they have a psychopath in charge who couldn´t give a shit, meanwhile the population recognises and acts upon reality the best it can.  
  • Internal / external air travel banned. Airlines are only running at 5% capacity or less, planes aren´t a safe environment to be in anymore. Emergency travel only.

All mandatory, no choice. I can only speak for the countries I´m familiar with. But lets face it, anyone with a brain stays close to home while wearing a mask going for necessities, so it ain´t much different is it?

Sounds harsh, but life is more important than anything else, freedom as we know it has gone. Pessimistic? No, realistic.     

I rest my case.

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