Hey it´s my birthday month

I´ve been thinking of all the places we can go to celebrate. It´s a good idea to prepare in advance, gives you something to do, and proves you´re still sane.

During these troubled times, it would be extra exciting if instead of a birthday, (just one single day) we can do a “birthmonth.” Remember, anything´s not possible nowadays.

In this household we´d have three consecutive birthmonths. Well that´s a quarter of 2020 dealt with, even if confusion sets in.

So here´s my birthmonth plan, it´s the same as the birthday one, because I can´t think of what to fill another 30 days with. Plus I also need to translate English to English:

  • The beach all day, after finding one that´s open.
  • Cocktails at the beach bar that´s shut.
  • A nice romantic meal sat on the terrace of a restaurant, except they only do takeaway by phone call, and deliver food in a plastic bag.
  • Nightclub. Boogy on down dude while wearing a face mask and not being allowed on the dancefloor. Note, they´ve all just been shutdown. But you can still stand outside and jive to what´s playing on your phone? No? Oh..

Hang on a minute, this isn´t a plan, it´s a dam wish list.

Back up time waster: Watch fav TV series on Netflix for 100th time. Bit awkward, in the before times it would NOT be acceptable on a birthday day / month, whatever.

Not to worry, I´d rather watch the sunset from the romance of the roof terrace.


Bottle of champagne, comfy chairs, surrounded by peace. Yep.

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