Government or WHO?

Or what, or where, or when?

Two days ago it was reported that Spain would go back into lockdown on the 18th September, it caused a social media storm of epic proportion online. Many people didn´t read the article beyond the words Spain, lockdown, and the date set. A different article stated the WHO (World Health Organisation) opposed the declaration and said it was not necessary. Yesterday they officially announced their opposition.

It seemed like a stand off, between government and WHO? But it wasn´t, turned out this dramatic situation was based on the same principle as gossip, each person adds their own tittle tattle to the original story, by the time it´s been passed on repeatedly: Mrs Dandelion stole a hanging basket, turns out she hung herself by said basket. Oh the drama.

So here´s how the Political vs Dr Special Specialist situation panned out:

Just two government officials here discussed the idea of imposed restriction phases with lockdown as last resort > then informed a media outlet of this, (officially confirmed) > shared with other media outlets who focused on the word lockdown as first resort > millions of people went into shock and rant mode.    

See the drama it can cause, assuming anyone´s still alive by then?

The MASSIVE irony is, even if we do go back in time to Phase 3, we´re all still stuck in Phase 2 on a voluntary basis. So sod those new knickers from Primark, and sod two metres, I´d be using a bargepole. Is the place even open? Don´t know, don´t care.

Meanwhile some sad statistics from Spain:

8,618 new corona cases since Friday.

580 active outbreaks across the whole of Spain, but note, even a handful of cases in one place or region is classed as an outbreak.

I miss this:


A mild case of paranoia has definitely set in, but I´d say justified. There´s no cases here, let´s keep it that way whatever the impact on our life.

Being aware is so important. A Spanish family came to their second home last week, situated about 200 metres up the road from us. No idea what region they´ve come from, but their son has a dry cough the likes of which we´ve never heard before. We all live outside, hence why we´ve noticed, it´s unusual because he only dry coughs once and that´s it for a few hours till next time. None of them wear masks outside the garden gate either, well not when they walk past our house.. 

So what do you do when you feel “potentially” threatened in a situation like this? Not one of us in this house would say “go home your son sounds dodgy.”

But we think it, give their house a wide berth while wearing a mask and holding your breath,, even in the car.

Jeez that young lad has just done his suspect cough AGAIN.

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