Up on the rooftop

Sat in the corner shady bit which appears at this time of day on the roof terrace, only the sound of cicadas to be heard. Just avoid the sunny side at all costs! No need for a BBQ, you could cook a feast on the tiles for a crowd up here, oops, I mean no more than 10 people, oops, with 3 of us living here, we´re left with 7 guests. Even just one person from a different household and it means don the mumble masks. “Sorry were you saying something?” Sod it, just say yes or no in the wrong place.

“Welcome dear friends, go upstairs alone, cook your own steak on the floor tiles, then come downstairs and we can have a pool party while sitting 2 metres apart.” Oh wait, only one person allowed in for a cooling swim with mixed company around. That right there is the danger point for an argument to break out over who goes in first, and how long the timer is set for.

Fancy a dance? Oh wait, we can´t do that either. Well ok, file through in an orderly manner and play a game of who can stand and burn their feet for longer than anyone else.


By the way, here´s the view I´ve got.

Watching the Med blending into the sky.


Conservatory and shade.


As cases of coronavirus are rising so fast again here, places are slowly being shut down (again). Thing is, many of them haven´t opened up fully since Round 1, social distancing rules are unworkable, so no big deal as yet. Big businesses and shops with square footage to spare are doing ok though. But, even in our area with no recorded cases, we´ve been so cautious it´s like the new norm. At least we´re not confined inside the house or on our own, but even so, the whole situation takes it´s toll. I think apathy is the right word. Like the old saying goes, “don´t think before you don´t speak.”

We´ve been down to the local pub a few times, seen a few friends, sat and had a chat, even a laugh. BUT the main theme of conversation is always coronavirus, what a mess we´re in, and guessing what´s going to happen next. There´s nothing much else to talk about, the one exception being football. I sometimes wonder if I fell asleep or got up and walked home nobody would notice.

Interesting Factoid: Did you know wearing a facemask can cause dehydration in a hot country? So basically if coronavirus doesn´t kill you, a mask can. 

Oh, and the authorities are being very clever about second wave limitations. “Shush, don´t mention the Phase word anymore, just keep on shutting and banning a couple of things per week without specific dates.” Even Google doesn´t know, the list is there but the timing´s off.

Who knows, we may be the first country to lead the way with “Corona Time” except nobody informed us when it started. So to get things in no perspective whatsoever:

  • Roughly how many showers do you plan to have before non Christmas?
  • How long will men reject wearing pants?
  • When will Netflix not be a life saving source of entertainment, or THE ONLY conversation within the household?
  • Will cleaning floor tiles ever become boring again?
  • Will various dead lightbulbs ever be replaced? Our downstairs bathroom has 1 out of 3 working, it´s like walking into a cave, hey try finding the toilet paper and hand wash. It´s a double whammy.

We both took early retirement, but our son works as an estate agent…….. Just have a think about that for a mo. No-one can get here, no-one wants to buy, he´s working from home with nothing much to do except keep in touch with clients. Potential buyers in the year 2051.

End result, us two sit outside all day while he binge watches Netflix. He sits outside at night while us two binge watch Netflix. Thing is, he´s still binging Netflix on his phone out there.

Tomorrow we´re going out to do something very exciting, filling up both cars with diesel at the garage. Ours is running on fumes so will we actually get there? Oh the anticipation, what fun.

On the bright side of nothing, we have no choice but to comply with it all and try to stay safe in the coronavirus epicentre of Europe. On the dark side of everything I watch the worldwide news in horror. All those people ill, and those who´ve passed away. And all those disgraceful, disrespectful people who go out in crowds defiant of social distancing and wearing masks. 

There´s some beaches open round here, so we´ve got an executive “bored” meeting going on between us about going to our favourite, and seeing what exactly we´re allowed to do or not do. It´s debateable, and mustering enthusiasm is a problem.

Well I must go, we all shared a bottle of champagne this afternoon for no reason whatsoever, and I can´t read or write or see anymore.-

So cheers to  another nothing day, and stay safe.

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