An anniversary and a birthday

I forgot to tell you! 21st was our wedding anniversary and 25th was my birthday. Oh wait, was it August? How time flies when going out may kill you.

Since lockdown it´s like we´ve all been programmed to recede, even now with some things open, nobody`s going out unless necessary. On Sunday we felt beholden to go to a party (in a bar) for a couple we know who, due to unfortunate circumstances are moving away.

Anyway the point is, this “party at a bar” broke several rules, so the whole situation felt a bit “uncomfortable.” The place was absolutely packed, people standing up, overcrowded tables shoved together, no-one wearing masks inside, and whatever happened to 50% capacity maximum? If the police had gone past, they´d have shut the place down.

To be fair the owner stuck to the “no singing” rule, but that would´ve been about as much help as a life raft with a hole in it to cops with guns. So after about an hour, our close friends and us three went to the bar next door which was empty. No surprise, under normal circumstances they all are, phew we felt safe again.

Anyway, our anniversary was no big deal, we just sat on the roof terrace with a bottle of champagne, that in itself might be somebody´s dream. To us it´s just normal, the only “added extra” being drinking bubbly during the day into the night, and not being able to see straight afterwards.

My birthday was a bit more varied, we went down to Las Palmiras and walked along the sea, photo showcase here, then met up with the gang of loony friends we´re official members of, went home and Dave cooked Dorada (it´s a posh fish). Oh, and I got three lovely plants as presents, main one being the Jasmine I posted a photo of yesterday.

Meanwhile back at the playa:

Ola, Hello.


**Important note: Going in the warm sea and sitting on hot sand while wearing sun tan lotion (necessary) is fine, but forgetting a beach towel is not recommended. Even sand washed off at one of the taps is futile, the sun bakes the recipe on the skin before you get there, not a good “I live here” impression at all. So I came home looking like a creature from the depths of the ocean,, who also forgot a beach towel.

Today we went for a walk along the rugged side of Cabo Roig just a couple of kilometres away from our house. It´s a paved walkway between two playas, not only can you walk between the two, also to Campoamor beach further round. That´s the one I call a “mini South Miami beach” (without skyscraper hotels) believe me I´ve been to both.

So here´s a few photos from the walkway atop the rocks.




La Manga in the far distance.


Beautiful normal for us.

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