Windows Updates mess explained

Well of course everyone knows Windows Updates are not to be messed with, they even give you a stern lecture about the situation first. My laptop errs on the safe side and begs to be plugged in at the wall first. Good in theory, just make sure your power settings are set to “never” go to sleep / hibernate. Nobody tells you that do they?

So last week sometime “Automatic Windows Updates” went on strike, which meant this ex computer admin here went into nerd mode. A quick diagnostic told me something was amiss, a quick peak “under the hood” proved this to be true. A system health check using command prompt agreed, plus all my System Restore points had gone! What the? Oh wait…

The most recent update asked permission to install, I clicked ok, then stupidly unplugged my laptop from outside and re-plugged it inside, well just a few seconds would be ok right? Nope and oops.  

In English, the end result was corrupted files in the “registry” which is mission control for Windows and programs to work properly, or even work at all. I checked the update and yes there was a big fat fail written next to it. But the dam thing had time to kick some holes through the all important registry first.

There was no other choice but to strip everything back using “System Repair.” I knew it would take a while, it completely re-writes everything, but that black screen doing nothing for hours on end was worrisome. It was time for a forced shutdown. But wait, anything can happen doing that! Too late it already had so sod it.

At start up it went straight back to the black screen. Marvellous, these things need to know who´s boss so I hacked my way into my own laptop, not a year old and there I was, picking what´s left of it´s brain out. While wading through broken programs to find my destination something happened, the screen popped up with “Do not touch your computer, System Repair is starting.” Blimey, I jumped backwards and watched, it was very encouraging to see a more friendly approach from Windows this time. Now who´s boss??

Success, it remembered all my personal files, and put all Windows Updates back (correctly) including hardware updates, we were friends again, and I was boss again.

Still had a few Spanish settings to change to English. Only Office, McFee, and this program I use to create my blog to reinstall. Done. Sorted. Here´s the test photo I took with my phone, they all go up to the cloud and back to this laptop.

A beautifully presented rubbish collection awaiting disposal


       So ladies and gentlemen, the moral of the story is drink update responsibly and keep the internals happy.

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