What a dismal future we have

Today´s news has made me think perhaps we should invent some new descriptive words to represent each level of rationality we have, or use, to cope with not normal daily life vs the potential for death or devastation.

  • Global pandemic.
  • Global warming causing chaos, uncontrollable fires, floods, hurricanes, extreme heat, loss of crops, melting icecaps, warming seas grabbing land. All of which is happening faster than predicted.
  • Businesses large and small going bust, mass unemployment, people losing everything they have and relying on food banks.
  • Staying inside, or is it outside? Social distancing, wearing masks, no more than 6 or 10 humans together, no-one travelling anywhere, planes on the ground, closed borders.
  • Closed restaurants, hotels, shops, bars, gyms.
  • Limited number of employees going to offices causing backlog. Things seem to run smoother (and without risk) if they all work from home, however it doesn´t cure delay. Believe me we´ve witnessed this first hand, plus there´s the obstacle of official documents required from the office.. “My day, your day?” Via Zoom.  
  • Sport re-runs on TV, sports played in empty stadiums where players get coronavirus anyway.
  • Some children back in school / college where they get it too. An experiment that isn´t working. 
  • A virtual reality lifestyle online.

Some of these restrictions, knock on effect or not, change from week to week, country to country, area to area.

I started this post stating “Today´s news made me think.” It did, I was reading the Spanish news today which tipped me a bit further into the gloom. Not only do we have the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe (and new cases per day)  we now have two different viruses on the rampage in Spain.  

The new one is called “West Nile virus,” as the name states it comes from Africa and first touched down here in an area called “Cadiz” situated very close to where the coastal tip of southern Spain almost meets Africa. How does it spread? Mosquitoes. I remember reading something about it´s discovery a couple of years ago, and assumed it was carried by some kind of super mozzie the size of a  walnut. Turns out NO, it´s transmitted via your average everyday flying spike-head.  What damage does it do to the human body? Oh not much, it only turns your brain into mush soup. Official name,, meningoencephalitis. Few cases as yet, but also four fatalities.

So that´s another area on strict lockdown, it´s “cruel to be kind” this one, we´re still hovering around 30C plus and everyone there (including surrounding areas) has been told to stay indoors, with windows and doors shut tight. Tape off air conditioners, and wear full  body clothing if they have to go out for necessities, plus mask because of the other virus… Oh come on, WE ALL KNOW MOZZIES CAN BITE THROUGH CLOTHES, OR CREEP UP A PANT LEG. A full suit of body armour armed with a fly swat would be ideal. Heatstroke instead? No problem.

In hindsight we don´t need  to invent descriptive words. It´s all about instinct, and working through the different emotional stages presented.

  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Heartache
  • Acceptance
  • Apathy or Desperation
  • Coping mechanisms

I´m going to leave shock out of this list because we´re all immune, but I will say this, each new disaster we hear of temporarily circles my mind through the year 2020 again, and the horrors thousands upon thousands have had to endure.

So what the hell next?           

Should we all be spending our Netflix time researching how to create a third dimension? I mean a different one to where fascist Donald Jessica Trump, his grifters, and cult members reside?

If only.

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