Our Mercedes Benz is up for sale

It´s a joint decision, been discussed a few times for various reasons, so we finally did the pros and cons thing, turns out there were more cons than pros. It went on the market yesterday and someone wants to look at it tomorrow! Don´t worry too much, we´ve got a very nice backup car.

Oh wait, I´ll have to put you on hold for a moment, there goes another enquiry phone call. To be continued..

Continued: Just discovered time doesn´t fly when you´re forced to discuss ultra boring motor vehicle blurb with strangers. Sorry for the delay, there´s been five more inquiries since two hours ago. So what was I saying here? These blog post interruptions tend to confuse the brain cell, just wait on hold again for another two hours while it recovers.    

Recovered: Well the first viewer should be fun, he doesn´t speak a word of English, and we only speak un poco de Espanol, none of which involves the inner workings or outer display of a coche. Conclusion, Google Translate on overtime, perhaps we should book an appointment.

Even so, sentimentality prevails, I look at it sat on the drive and think of all the places it´s taken us, and the good times we´ve had with it. Roof down, hair blowing in the wind, dry eye syndrome, I´ll just say this, our reasons for selling up have nothing to do with the car itself, practicality is greater than sentiment.. If there were bits falling off it while sat on the drive, it would be much easier to say farewell. Our solicitor and bank balance could verify that.

One of the main reasons we´ve made this decision is that we have another pretty car only a couple of years old. Until the Merc is gone, we´ve been using two cars per three people. In the “before times” it may have been necessary to keep two cars running. Yet we´re both retired, our Estate Agent son has no clients, no-one´s flying anywhere, and demand for property has gone. This crappy worldwide situation  may improve, but realistically last for many years, so why not share one car? None of us have any appointments to keep, or billionaire social events to attend on an individual basis.  

I read somewhere that due to the economic devastation coronavirus has caused, 52% of young working adults (globally) are living with their parents again, because their jobs have gone and they can´t pay rent.

The Spanish coast is now called the “Ghost Coast.”

If anyone said that last summer, people would´ve thought they were stark raving bonkers or having a laugh. Yet here we are, people who live here only, and we ain´t going out unless necessary. The new norm, put up or shut up and wear a mask (they wreck your make up) but it ain´t new anymore is it? There´s the “before times” and the “now times” as I call them, you may have noticed they get a mention here and there.    

Now times: Another 3 days since I started writing this post she´s sold. Are you still on hold?

A guy we know from just around the corner jumped the queue. The money´s in the bank, with only transfer of ownership and refund of insurance to do later this week. Maybe I should change the name of this blog post? Would it be before times or now times or both? Now there´s a thing.

Bye Bye Sugar Pie.


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