Another not normal birthday

Oops, I forgot, what used to be not normal is beginning to feel normal because for so long we´ve been programmed to recede. Therefore the dismal future will eventually be considered normal, and the before times not normal.

Come on, keep up.

  • Before times (Normal)
  • Now times (Not normal)
  • Apocalypse Future times. (Normal again)

I always like to be positive, so on a personal note I believe we´re currently hovering between the normal and not normal with a bias towards the latter. No need to worry too much about the four horsemen or the book of revelations just yet.

About the not normal birthday. Hubby´s turn. We thought we´d go investigate this new restaurant that´s just opened, it´s got no customers and one member of staff on standby, seen her stood outside messing with her smartphone. Always a good sign these days.

As the unknown day of the week name passed by, hubby changed his mind about this new adventure. It was a sad but happy moment, I´d been on edge about it all day, (so had our son) but we kept quiet for his sake.

Then the relief came, the words I´d been waiting for, the answer to all my dreams:

“Lets get a takeaway instead.”

Oh my, I was secretly elated, all ex normal times restaurants are doing takeaways with free delivery, in the now times, forget table service, there is none. So we went to our local pub, safe in the knowledge it would be devoid of other humans.

It was an accurate assumption.


We know the owners, and part of the pub is a restaurant, but they´ve shut that bit down now due to thousands of invisible people waiting in line. So could we have our takeaway delivered there? Turns out Yes. I mean it´s not really allowed but who gives a shit now?

So the original three of us ended up ordering for four, and a jolly good time was had by all, even though only three orders arrived.

We even got a photoshoot opportunity.

IMG_20201001_194547_614 (2)

I swear he doesn´t look a year day older.

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