Storm Alex

Yesterday Storm Alex passed by, we heard via mask speak it was going to reach the coast, but a satellite image showed otherwise? It was right and the face masked gossip was wrong, we just got the tail end of the wind. Gusts of, oh must´ve been five kilometres per hour, and light rain for one minute. Horrendous, and the temperature dropped to 23 degrees C, we were freezing.

Sat outside “under the arches” with dressing gowns and slippers on, no word of a lie, well ok, there is just one in there. The gusts of wind were a tad higher than that, but the rest is true, so how soft are we now?

I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again, Spain isn´t built for wind. Outdoor garden adornments of which there are many turn into flying missiles, older fronds from palm trees become steel swords, and pagodas take off like planes used to before they were all grounded.

But hey, in the now times it´s all good fun, real life entertainment at it´s best.

Oh, and I inherited a Spanish flag! It came zooming into our garden like it was on a mission to wrap itself onto something, anything, before it dropped down into the valley at the end of our road never to be seen again. So one of my exotic plants decided to save it.

The flag that once flew proudly on someone´s roof terrace will be well looked after, and never used as a tablecloth.


Next time a flying diamond neckless and matching earrings would also be well looked after.

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