The global default word change

By default I´m an optimist, always have been, glass half full and all that. But it´s a bit sad when you feel like dressing up just to go to the chemist. Best summer dress, complete with colour co-ordinated flip flops and matching mask. Very sophisticated.

The chemist is a stressful place for mask speak to be understood, there´s the HUGE problem of what did he / she say? Medical jargon is not a priority of the new learning curve. Pawatheatamil is a fine example, then there´s Woltadil, each of which have to be repeated several times back and forth till the inevitable “Ah!” (Bingo). Both are medication hubby requires for the groin strain he acquired due to a flip flop malfunction while walking UP our curly stairs.


I´ve discovered general mask speak, (without the need to recite a list of medication) simply requires skill, timing, patience, and voice recognition software. However It doesn´t work when that guy who tucks his massive long beard inside his mask appears. Hair grinding against teeth isn´t pleasant to listen to at all, there´s not a word to be understood, so just say yeth, no, and weely in all the probably wrong places.

You couldn´t make this stuff up could you? Yet here we are learning a new version of Engwish speak and repeat. I find it easier when mask speak occurs with someone familiar, must be tone of voice and dialect that helps reduce any confusion.

As a witness to the Spanish version, what a nightmare, they speak so fast their new language involves rewind and repeat SLOWER to each other, somehow they lose the “th” sound, yet we gain it. Whoever would´ve thought that? No need to learn before times Spanish, it´s all merging into one language.

Ah yes, I remember the before times with fondness, 50 years ago back in 2019. 

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