Temporary blog disappearance syndrome


Long story short, this is a WordPress blog, but my “Domain Name” (URL) was with another company. No problem, but I wanted Two Brits in Spain registered with WordPress, everything together under the same roof as it were.

Easy speak as opposed to mask speak: Do the crossover, wait a week while WordPress and the previous company argue with each other about the situation. Eventually the other one gave up as planned and WordPress won full possession of a Brit nutcase Spanish resident without a writing degree. (I did get an “A” level grade in English, perhaps that made an impression).

But there was one thing I never thought of, the other company still gave a months grace in case you changed your mind. The month must´ve run out, so basically every URL except my main blog link disappeared in a Google Search. Something I rarely do is a search for my own blog, but the one day I did, it wasn´t there.

The blog content itself doesn´t disappear, neither would my precious reader subscriptions. Other than that I´d be invisible online which would cause severe arguments between me and me.

I´m not patient when it comes to this kind of crap, but knew not to mess about with Mr Google on day one. Truth be told, I´d had a drink or two or three before initial discovery, so no chance. Good grief, end result could´ve been Chinese symbols or pop up flying pigs to cope with.

Next day I took another peak and realised WordPress was recreating all the links on it´s own servers for Google to find again. Oh there´s no free handover of domain name plantation, deal done, bugger off, start again at your new place.    

Take this from an ex computer admin nerd here, if you have a blog and do a similar changeover correctly, be patient and don´t change any settings. Just leave Mr Google to reconstruct search settings for you which usually takes about a week. He´s always very busy, I don´t know how he copes with a 24/7 job.

This blog is connected to Google Analytics so they´re best friends, however it still means spiders have to crawl in the background and re-discover everything, then put blog posts in the right order like a jigsaw. Yep, spiders keep the internet alive, so if you find one in your bathroom you know you´re being searched.

Just two days later:

Page 1


Page 31 already (10 blog links on each one)  and it´s grabbing some of my photos too!


Conclusion: Mr Google likes my ramblings, maybe he´s got a sense of humour?

End of tech recovery news: Just heard you say “phew” and I did too.

Beginning of true story time: That´s the only problem when someone new asks about my job, “I´m an EX Computer Administrator” (just cringe and wait for it).

“Oh I´ve got a laptop / phone / tablet that does / doesn´t do (whatever) can you have a look at it for me?” My brain instantly knows of about 3 or 4 things (in order) it could be, but my mouth is polite and utters a couple of things they won´t remember or understand. Which is source code for go away.

I remember a guy who owns a business here once asked me if I could go and sort his company network out! Hey, he got the message loud and clear. Brain: Bugger off. Mouth: No. He hadn´t got a clue and I wasn´t giving any.

I never, ever, mention to anyone the network admin portion of my lifetime. Oh wait I just did. Shush, I got out of it all at the same time burnout was beginning to kick in, and retired early.

Weird fact: Even though the inner and outer workings of computers was my job years ago, and even though technology has moved on leaps and bounds since then. I discovered soon after walking away that my brain does automatic updates without me even thinking about it. Comes in handy for occasional upkeep of devices within this household only.

Personally I think it´s a bit lot cheeky when talking to someone new, they ask about your ex job, and all they can talk about is their problem with their device. Same thing must happen to retirees from other ex professions too.

One thing for sure, that would never happen to my hubby, he was in the plane industry. No questions in the before times, no questions in the now times, and no plane rides to discuss.

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