Shattering the myth of Sleepy Spain

Even in the before times Sleepy Spain was never a correct description, the word “relaxed” was more precise. I mean it´s not like we´re all asleep on a permanent basis. For example yesterday I cleaned the driveway before going back to bed sitting in the sun drinking a glass of white wine, celebration of a job well done.


Thing is, I announced this job was going to be tackled two weeks ago, it didn´t go forgotten, but was set aside due to sheer apathy, and I´ve even got beyond caring about apathy itself. (If that´s possible).

Just over seven months ago, a desperate need for enthusiasm while also consuming apathy may have required a psychiatrist for reverse programming. But now these feelings are normal and psychiatrists have probably gone out of business.  

Over recent years months I´ve noticed a distinct change in mindset. We´ve discussed this via mask speak with other humans we may / may not recognise, (it doesn´t matter anymore) and this phenomenon is also happening to them.

They too sit staring at various screens all day, as I write this blog post sat outside, hubby is sat across from me playing a crap app game on his tablet, while son is sat inside binge watching god knows what. He seems to be focusing on Formula One re-runs from years gone by when they had crowds. Yawn.

Even using Messenger or WhatsApp as a means of communication seems to have diminished, I mean what is there to discuss.

  • How are you? Bored.
  • Have you been out anywhere? No.
  • Have you done anything recently? Does washing up count?

The best it gets is discussing which series you´re binge watching on TV, which episode you´re up to, what´s happened before that, who the actors are, and the inevitable recommendation: “Try that one you´ll like it.” Thing is coming from the other side it sounds awful, you´d never watch it, but still hear yourself say “Sounds good does that, might try it after we´ve finished the one we´re on.”

No need to worry about “did you watch it, what did you think?” By the next time we see each other we´ve all moved on in life to a different series. The previous audio advert goes forgotten, and the cycle of conversation reboots as before. Oh it´s all good fun, well it is, sometimes we talk about history too.

The most annoying thing of the now time primetime is that hundreds of TV series had to stop filming before they finished, which means do it yourself research is required:

  • Choose what you want to watch
  • Check it doesn´t stop mid-series
  • Check it finishes at the end of a series
  • Check online how many series there´s supposed to be  

Never mind Sleepy Spain or not Sleepy Spain, those days have been and gone, it´s now Zombie Spain.

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