Storm Gloria

Freak weather Storm Gloria moved in and caused chaos in some areas of Spain earlier this week, it sat here for a couple of days before rattling up through France on it´s way to the UK.

The old saying “never the twain shall meet” applies between Spain and the Atlantic sea, so this exception to the rule has been classed as a once in a lifetime event. The devastation hit Morocco and the Costa Del Sol first, with hail, snow, high winds, and flooding. Sadly there´s now 13 people missing and several deaths. This country isn´t familiar with such extreme weather conditions at all.

The whole of Spain was on red alert before Gloria came crashing in. Fortunately it didn´t get up here, past few days have been full sun, we must´ve just got the back end of it yesterday. Light rain for a couple of hours and how weird is this, not a breath of wind at all. In hindsight we should´ve been issued a grey sky alert.

Eyes to the heavens, this just about covered it, excuse pun.


Oh crap I should never have mentioned how lucky we´ve been, probably end up having to cope with a secret hurricane surprise tomorrow.

Have you noticed how extreme weather of one kind or another has set in globally since coronavirus invaded? I mean we were supposed to be killing the planet previous to micro droplet invasion and shutdown, so is it revenge because we´re weak and incarcerated now? I mean come on, the place has cleaned up a bit so give us a break.

I´m no conspiracy theorist, but it has crossed my mind that the four horsemen are on standby.

So on that uplifting note, remain two metres away from anyone outside your garden gate, wear your mask, wash your hands a thousand times a day, evacuate before fire or floods, and you may stand a chance of survival. 

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