Round two of curfew

After so long, the lack of total freedom we´re all experiencing is mind numbing. The enemy is invisible, deadly, and random as to where it sets up business, outside of big cities we already know of.

  • On the 13th March a nationwide “state of emergency” was declared across the whole of Spain, it was the strictest lockdown in Europe and beyond. We couldn´t walk beyond a kilometre of our own homes and only food shops, chemists, and fuel stations were open. Just the basics of life.
  • Only the driver was allowed in a car, roadblocks restricted movement between regions. Borders were closed, all of which was strictly enforced by police and lasted 3 months.
  • Since then, some places were slowly allowed to open up, restricted hours and restricted percentage of customers continues to this day, and is now accepted as norm.

However a strange phenomenon occurred when limited choice was available. It seems the majority of us had been “programmed” not to go near those places, even though we could. For example, all restaurants still remain empty, even when sitting outdoors on the terraces has had always been the preferred option.

Reminds me of the good old days, with regard to clothes shopping my dad used to jokingly say “is it a want or a need?” We only do NEED now.

New cases in Spain started slowly rising in June and more recently have zoomed up to 20,000+ per day. Another statistic to be wary of is infection rate. It currently stands at 362 people per 100,000. Sounds like a small number? The Centre for Disease Prevention classes any number over 150 as maximum alert. Heck it´s over double.

When we knew figures were rising again, we also knew some kind of restriction was on the horizon, but not what. Turned out nationwide mask wearing was introduced, with a fine for not wearing one outside your garden gate.

They don´t mess about here, just one small caveat, “Everyone planning to come” sounds a bit over-optimistic.

IMG_20200627_163920_909 (3)

They don´t have to be worn in a car except if someone from another household is with you. Makes sense, but were there more restrictions to come?

Well yes, last night was the start of a curfew, I woke up today and thought to myself “never been under curfew before” then remembered it was part of the nationwide lockdown in disguise. The only reason it never got a mention then was because each day rolled into the next with no time limits. We´ve been told travel limitations from region to region might be next, perhaps someone should inform the authorities we haven´t been doing any road trips anyway.   

It all feels like a bizarre sequel to a naff film. The government have decided against calling it a “nationwide emergency lockdown” this time it´s a “state of alarm.” Perhaps they´re hoping a name change will cure all the patients and give the rest of us our sanity back.

In the real world it means each regional authority will be responsible for which restrictions to apply in their own area. Well it´s worth a go, look what´s happened since last time.

Despite it all, I´ll leave you with a prescription to help stave off insanity. 

A daily dose of laughter helps, it´s difficult but not impossible. I randomly discovered on YouTube that American talk show hosts have nailed it with satirical humour based on fact. Mainly provided by dictator trump. To name but a few of his many talents, he´s thick as two short planks, wears a bird´s nest on his head, talks about windmills, water pressure, flushing toilets, clean coal, thinks he´s built a wall, sniffs a lot, and lies every day. So there´s plenty of material to go with because he belches forth more nonsense than a parrot on steroids. He even showed us all his creaky arm and hand choo-choo dance at one of his super spreader rallies a few days ago, (nobody else can do the choo-choo like he can). Yes, a very important talent for a president to have right now.

In order of preference I highly recommend watching:

  • Stephen Colbert
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Seth Meyers
  • Jimmy Fallon

Keep your spirits up and allow yourself a giggle.

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