Halloween 2020

As predicted, Covid Halloween 2020 was totally underwhelming, just another boring day is more appropriate. 

Here on the Costas, Halloween has always been a real big deal, and the fun lasts ALL DAY, but alas those carefree times are gone. Lonely fireworks intermittently broke the sound of silence, turned out to be a shared spectacle for whole communities to watch from within the confines of their own garden gates.

Today is All Saints Day, a RED day which means everything and everywhere is shut. This family celebration used to be like a fiesta lasting FOUR days. WhatsApp and Messenger video calls is as good as it gets now.

In advance of people travelling anywhere, all regions were closed off from each other (and monitored by police) to prevent any further virus spread. It makes sense, but jeez we´ve been here before, and we´re all wondering if those concrete roadblocks are going to stay put. Hotspot zones are justifiably confined, some for many months now. But with numbers rising so fast are “not hotspots” next?  

In the olden times, this is what a Spanish Halloween was all about. That year the two of us did a world tour of local establishments including La Zenia Boulevard, it was amazing. Then we went back to our local bar, and had a very silly time that went on till the early hours of next month. Each year since then we´ve met up with friends for Halloween party time.

Not anymore, and that´s without road blocks.     

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