Dangerous Balloons

What an obscure heading for a blog post.

I learned today balloons have the luxury of free movement, but has anyone ever thought they could also be airborne super spreaders? Blow one up, set it free and watch it go POP in someone else´s garden, could be classed as a floating hand grenade.

There was a birthday party going on somewhere up the road yesterday, fair enough, only the parents and child attended, but perhaps compensation for lack of other human guests was to launch about a thousand balloons instead.

I´m certain they were all blown up with a pump, pink and perfectly formed. However there was a black one that looked a bit suspect, like it was a “No Halloween allowed in 2020” reject they found in a cupboard. Oh, and it landed in one of our trees.

Alert mode activated:


Fifty years ago last year it would be a case of get a pin and throw the entrails in the trash, or just leave it there as a foliage decoration, a statement to others of how not colourful green fingers can be. Talent.

While the three of us sat staring from a distance trying to work out what to do about the darn thing it decided to bugger off somewhere else. Phew.

Is this what paranoia feels like?

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