Selling a privately owned car in Spain

So here´s the facts of a private sale.

  • Be aware of how the system works, we did our homework.
  • Use your solicitor for the whole process, we did.
  • Also let your solicitor take care of change of ownership and informing the police.
  • Stop your insurance and get a rebate. (Nice).

The bill of sale in Spanish is called “Contrato De Compraventa De Vehiculo Usado Entre Particulares.” They like to use lots of words for official paperwork here, it´s a totally not official rule of no law at all, the likes of both complication and end result justification stuff. In reality, play by the rules and everybody lives happily ever after forevermore.

Except us, but there´s a light at the end of the tunnel, and this is important.

By Spanish law every car sold has a six month warranty slapped on it by the local council. The private seller needs to know about this. Remember the old chestnut:

“Sold as seen.”

There´s an optional document to sign a car over and agree to pay for any costs within the 6 month period, blimey you´d have to be true best friends or have a prenup arrangement for that to happen. Our buyer is just your average nutter trying to be a scam artist, so that situation was an optional NO from us. (Thankfully). 

The buyer paid for the darn thing and WE used a solicitor for everything. Take into account he accepted it as was, even took it for a test drive, thought it was great and paid for it.. But he´s pestering us now about water damage inside and damaged electrics where we know, there´s no such thing, and he has proof it´s never failed an ITV. Yet again:

“Sold as seen.”

So it´s not all bad news for the seller, never sign the optional document giving the new owner 6 months to create a Ferrari out of a Merc at your expense. Without that, anything past / previous to the sale is null and void between ex owner and buyer.

I think he´s given up now with the pestering, furthermore our solicitor has told us not to answer his calls, and we have a paralegal on standby. . So eat that up dickhead of the year.

2016-06-07 16.49.16 

Merc architecture without water damage, unless it moved right a bit in this photo…

Another tip to be aware of, never park your Merc in the Med.

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