The little road to Covid

Broken news: Someone we´ll call “Anon” brought covid to our little road today. Beyond shock came realism with a smidge of anger and good reason why. Anon is a nice person, but didn´t take coronavirus seriously. Working behind a bar with a mask strapped under your chin most of the time is just plain stupid and even further, illegal.

It also sets a bad example to customers, “If the bartender doesn´t wear a mask inside, why should I?” There´s also “Nobody´s got it round here so..” Well the latter WAS true, but now our local bar might be a mini hotspot. In hindsight we also suspect the barmaid had it first, she too wore a mask,, on her elbow. When we asked her “replacement” if she was ok, the reply (without eye contact) was “at home with some kind of chest infection.” Not rocket science is it?

Ask and ye shall receive to pass on.


The official situation here (for now) is that you can sit outside the terrace of a bar without wearing a mask, provided tables are two metres apart with no more than six people sat together. Inside wearing a mask is supposed to be MANDATORY. Oh, and there´s the curfew which means sod all when it starts at midnight till 6am.

We only go down to our local a couple of times a week, usually after we´ve been out somewhere completely boring for completely boring necessities, and we always play by the rules of mandatory mask wearing everywhere else. Everyone abides by that because you can´t in anywhere ELSE without one, and there´s a 50 euro fine if the cops cruise by and you´re not trussed up. 

Unfortunately we know both barmaid and Anon enough to have light hearted conversation with, they come and sit outside with us for a natter, right after having been inside taking risks. Guilty as charged we thought nothing of it, no cases amidst our little community so that´s ok right? Well, no, we unwittingly discovered today we´ve been exposed to Covid within the past couple of weeks.. Our son too.

Oh crap, it means our lifestyle restrictions will have to be the same as those we´ve been living with for fifty years eight months now. Visits to the local bar, bursting at the seams with 3 or sometimes 5 people were an occasional get out clause, plenty of room to avoid others except the bar staff. 

So now? I wouldn´t go near the place even if I could. Staying home and remaining sane without the need for a psychiatrist on standby is a much better op, oh wait, I´m just being told I was supposed to say “remaining insane.” Ah well, get in line trying to find a brain re-programmer, best I can think of is to sit down for ten seconds and reboot your own operating system.

To be fair, Anon the none believer remains in quarantine, meantime us three have to self isolate on a togetherness basis. Ah how sweet, if one of us gets it we all do, there just isn´t time to build two new kitchens, one new bathroom and section off the garden.

In conclusion I think that pub should be shut down, even the (new) owners don´t give a crap about safety or their staff. We´ve witnessed how careless they are, plus how long they sit outside drinking the hard stuff. It would be karma, but we ain´t whistle blowers, what goes around comes around.

Also makes me wonder if this is a common thing globally, a business keeps quiet about a few covid infected staff who also say nothing through fear of job insecurity. Just send them home with a tummy bug excuse and employ a part time worker.

We would never have known any different if Anon the barman didn´t live nearby.  

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