Day three of shared self isolation

Yes you read that right, nobody ever mentions self isolation can occasionally mean shared isolation as the only choice, it just doesn´t seem to have the same kind of shock factor on the gossip scale.

It´s made me wonder if self isolation is a better option, yesterday there was big assessment of what´s in the freezer, took about half an hour to work out who likes what, which drawer things should be in, and why the hell there were two big icepack thingy´s in there for a cool box.

Then the power went off, couldn´t make this up if you tried. The whole house plunged into nothing working and no Wi-Fi, OH MY GOD, sod frozen food, this was a triple shared isolation emergency. Unbelievable, we´ve lived here 6 years now and it´s only the third time we´ve had a power cut, impeccable timing. Are we cursed?

On the upside, (if there is one) zero entertainment only lasted an hour, freezers can go 48 hours without power, and it felt that long for us. However we all achieved the mountain of WhatsApp and Messenger replies we´d accumulated via phone data. It was a shut up I´m thinking thing.

After muddling through 3 years 3 months of the strictest countrywide lockdown in the world, you´d think our own shared isolation NOW would be easy. Places opened up a bit since we were all released from house arrest, we´ve had a muted taste of freedom, and a choice of whether to visit shops we used to, or not. Usually “or not” wins but never mind, we could even play crazy golf again while recovering from crazy. (Call it therapy).

However, within the past three days we´ve discovered months of lockdown practice is useless compared to self isolation.   

  • On day 1 it was quite a novelty: “We´ve been here before so it´s just a boring two week sequel.”
  • On day 2: As previously mentioned, it was rummage through the freezer time, then cope without Wi-Fi. 
  • Today: In movie land a boring sequel is often the case, but in this real life parallel universe it might be worth watching with interest.

Basically there is no practice for this, total shutdown was bizarre, but felt safe.

This time, it´s downright frightening, two weeks of waiting to find out if you´ve got covid or not is more like a living nightmare. Counting down the days, 11 more to go, and then what? One thing for certain, there´ll be no more calling in at ANY bar for us, restricted opening hours or not what´s the difference. This is about people not opening hours.

We´ll continue with necessities only as we did before, going down to the bar after was a little treat, a lreward for going food shopping! Hey look what it did for us.

Believe it or not, Anon the barman as I called him yesterday has slapped the fact that he has covid on his Facebook wall…  Oh the irony he´s shared that.       

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