Self isolation day whatever

I think we´re still in week one? Difficult to tell the difference between the sub level of self isolation and the higher level of partial isolation sat above it. Put the two together and the answer is between the garden gate.

Today was an exception to the rule of zombie life. I cleaned the house up, which translates to putting some stuff away where it belongs, and then messed about with the plants outside, (which means I made a mess). Some of them required minor maintenance while others required major hard work with no sense of achievement at all. To be fair it did ignite a conversation that lasted a couple of hours. I could tell Hubby was bored stupid with it but never mind, it´s the not thought that counts.

I was supposed to have a shower, but the effort involved was just too much, as I write this post my hair is in giant knots and may need surgery to remove them. Blame the sun, Knot me being lazy about ignoring my hairbrush.

It has to be said, the highlight of the day is watching the boxset series we´re currently into, it´s the only joint task we have. Son owns the online TV during the day, we do at night, and slowly we´re becoming nocturnal.“Oh just one more episode” ring any bells with you?

Time is fluid so who gives a toss. No word of a lie, Hubby´s watch has stopped ticking and the strap´s broke on mine. Technical devices now advise us of the month, year, and time of day, all of which are instantly forgot.

Meanwhile back in the garden, thank god for “Chinese sh*t shops” they all have different names, but the merchandise is basically the same. Basically if you need something basic, they all have basically the same to offer, so basically if cheap and cheerful is your preference, be aware that most of their basic merchandise falls apart within two days.

To be fair there are some exceptions, like plant pots. Yes indeed, previously acquired plant pots stored in the shed came in very useful today, (what day is it?) Check there´s no cracks or chips and bung them in your trolley.

Another useful thing they offer is flip flops that resemble designer footwear, I´ve still got a pair that work perfectly from three years since purchase. See it´s not all sh*t they sell, investments can occur, however It takes several years of experience to work out the Chinese stock market.

Flip flops in the sand before sand was banned.


Footnote:  Wow I forgot to colour my toe nails.

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