The wandering storm clouds

Freak weather warning for today on the Southern Costa Blanca: Orange alert, stormy rain, flooding, thunder and lightening. So we re-arranged the garden furniture “under the arches” then waited to watch the novelty of rainfall from up above to descend with severity.

There was some light rain on occasion overnight, but the temperature´s dropped to 17 degrees C, which no joke feels like zero degrees anything to us. This was supposed to be a giant storm where we could stand outside and get a free shower. Piffle.

Brings back opposite memories of weather in the UK. We´d await sunshine and that never happened either, well ok it did, 10 disjointed days of watery sun out of 365 per year was all we knew.

So call us soft, I don´t care, but you´re right. No problem with light rain overnight, but sudden temperature drop, OH MY GOD. No kidding I´m sat outside wearing my dressing gown over my clothes, inside the house is toasty warm, but we´re programmed to live out here unless watching box sets on TV… Programmed for that too now!! Oh the puny puns keep on coming.

So let´s just inspect those supposed to be storm clouds eh? Taken this morning, nothing, nada, not a drop of rain from them and no wind either.




It´s not the first time we´ve observed this phenomenon on the Costa Blanca in November, previous to moving here such thick cloud would mean a storm of epic proportion. Well no, Spain´s got it covered, and along with that puny pun I´ll exit stage left without an umbrella.

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