Brain fart?

As I sit here looking at a blank screen with nothing much to say, I´m wondering if this Is a temporary brain fart or perhaps something more sinister, like watching animated device screens all day causes zombie related behaviour.

  • Morning: Stay in bed.
  • Afternoon: Watch hilarious satirical TV talk shows on iPad. That´s all I use it for now.
  • Evening: Eat late, continue watching current TV series on Netflix.
  • Early hours of tomorrow: Switch TV off, BUT don´t forget to write down both series and episode on a piece of paper first. God forbid the mayhem of trying to find it in the later hours of tomorrow evening.
  • Carry on watching series where left off in the previous late hours of yesterday, or is it today?

If this doesn´t make any sense to you, me neither, but that´s life.

Somewhere In between which screen to watch, and when, and what, tomorrow will be an exciting day. THREE different places to go, hey beat that.

  • Post office box place: They´ve charged us twice for this year, you know, the year when they were closed for six months.
  • Chemist: New masks, we´re almost at the recycling stage. Ugh.
  • Solicitor: The Brit taxman has told us the form sent for our back tax has a YEAR missing. I mean this is all ass about tit when you have to be told by HIM what HE owes US. (Double taxation refund). Can´t pay tax in two countries, and we have been. It seems our (Brit) solicitor here isn´t the sharpest tool in the box.  

Hence it means filling in another million page form, this time it´ll be a DIY jobby, filled in correctly. It also means another visit to the solicitor for “Here, slap your official stamp this and we´ll post it at the post office.” (Same one that charges twice for half a year) and is STILL only open one day a week.

In the olden days these three experiences would be considered as major hassle. One of them wouldn´t even exist, those facial dishcloths that either slide up into your eyeballs or slide down your nose weren´t required. There were no greetings the likes of “Hiya how are you?” Reply “Hiya who are you?”

Fun fact: The government here has knocked tax off the cost of facial disguise. Oh so kind when loose change covers it. Wait, was that a puny pun? Wow. Be nice if there was a discount for my diamond encrusted version too:


Never mind, I´ll save it for the next big social event, oh wait…

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