Just make it up as you go along

No blog posts for a few days because I´ve been too busy doing nothing at all. Oh except for watering plants and washing up.

We did the “make it up as you go along” thing on Christmas Day, well to be honest we planned the “celebrations” in advance on Christmas Eve.

When we moved here six years ago, all the sentimental shiny photos came with us, 1,500 (ish) from when the kids were babes in arms, till the digital age took over.

Mum and dad up top.


So we booked a window in the very not busy afternoon and laughed our asses off while drinking champagne. Our son really appreciated how embarrassingly hilarious it was.

Tip: Keep your shiny photos wrapped in bubble wrap, it preserves them nicely, even if you have to do a full house search to find their location.

There was a bonus though, I found a mountain of other stuff stashed in the same box I never knew we had. Free Christmas presents? No, more like what the hell is that? The jewellery tree was a fine example, had to figure out what it was, why the hell I ever bought it, and could I get a refund. Besides there´s no way my diamond encrusted tiara would fit on that thing, forgot where that is too.

So after a very nice meal out in, (sod the turkey) at the end of the day we had a very merry game of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” (I do). With the “help from a friend” thingy and 50/50 WE made it! Split the winnings between the three of us, it´s still enough to buy a castle or two. We waited patiently for the outsize cheque to arrive before realising social distancing put the mockers on our victory. Ah well, it was better than playing drunk Scrabble.    

In the early hours of the day after Christmas, we sat outside and reminisced about the olden days of last year…         

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