Happy New Year sounds ridiculous now

In the last moments of 2020, we all said “Happy New year” to each other, both within the household and virtually to others. The only reason why we mumbled it at all? Because it’s traditional, but lets get real, it sounds ridiculous now. The big hugs were nice, we sort of hung onto each other for longer than usual.

“Happy Crappy New Year” is more applicable, one day changes nothing, and here in Spain (as everywhere) present restrictions are tightening up a notch or two. 

I remember last year we were round at our friends house, 12 of us having a party, what a carefree laugh we all had. “Happy New Year” said / sung then had true meaning. Dancing in the garden, music, and live music with our son playing guitar, someone else too, and accompaniment by saxophone. The bar being outside helps too, yep, a real one in the garden, tapas served there besides booze! We could all hug each other and fireworks filled the skies at midnight.






Note: Hubby there on the left can´t play guitar or sing, but looks convincing in a photo. 




Just thought I’d throw these in here, hubby and me on our wedding anniversary in 2019, before the crazy gang appeared for a meal and a good old knees up, and…


our son with a candle on his head for some reason.


Ah those were the days eh? All the fun we took for granted.

This year in our own little bubble of three humans, a house and a garden, I spent Crappy New Years Eve clearing out cupboards on high. Oh my god those neat boxes look so innocent and pretty till you go up the step ladders and find what a load of shit there is inside. It was looking for all those photos on Christmas day that got me going, they had to go back again – in a box – I can´t reach. Why do people build wardrobes with cupboards on top that go up to the ceiling? Has to be said, great storage for the likes of suitcases we´ll never ever need again.

Also, do you remember when we all used to put shiny photos in Albums? Great for birthday and Christmas presents. I found about seven of those, plus our Wedding Album. Highly recommend looking through for entertainment value. Forget the romance, those hairdos and dresses are something to behold, there was even one woman wearing what looked like a cowboy hat. To be fair my wedding dress was beautiful and would still be a fashion item now, however I wouldn´t recommend one with lacey bits, over years of preservation they slowly tend to fall apart. Masking tape worked well till an arm fell off.

In stark contrast to all the colour of previous years, we spent midnight 2020 up on the roof terrace, taking photos of what turned out to be just a few underwhelming garden fireworks.



I guess most people felt the same, as in, why bother.

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