Coca Cola sends a meaningful message


Remember the old Coca Cola advert “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?” What great sentiment that was, a positive global message to us all, hidden behind a rational curtain of doubt. In hindsight we had our freedom, no limits, and took it all for granted. So now, they´ve turned a can into a positive message for us, I think every manufacturer should follow the same principle.


If someone said then, “In 20 years time there´ll be a global pandemic on a HUGE scale, your carefree life will be gone, this will be reality, even in developed countries.”

  • You will only feel truly safe within your own property limits.
  • Curfews will be introduced.
  • Bars, restaurants, and many shops will be closed.
  • Hotels shut, communal swimming pools empty. 
  • No planes in the air.
  • No cruise ships at sea.
  • Borders between countries closed.
  • Regions within each country also shut (ours is, plus the one next door).
  • Communication with others will be by “remote” telephone landline. Ok, they didn´t mention online, no such thing.
  • Masks will have to be worn when you go out.
  • Distance yourself from others
  • Children can´t go to school.
  • People work from home, millions lose their jobs.
  • People booted out on the streets.
  • Food banks many people rely on.
  • People with pre-existing conditions, not being able to afford healthcare in countries without a free healthcare system.
  • Starving children.
  • Social gatherings limited to 6 people, all wearing masks. (Not worth the risk).
  • Christmas: Make it up yourself.
  • New year: Damp squib.
  • No crowds, even on a beach.
  • Benidorm in Spain, gone bust.
  • Millions will die.
  • Many who survive will have long term health conditions

Private thoughts: This dude must be bonkers, oh and fuck you for making up such shit about the free world. 

Yesterday I talked about the humble potato famine in our local supermarket, so we went back today to see if they had any, and the situation was even worse. Bear in mind there´s no panic buying here, we´ve been in the same situation for months now. So this is ominous:

  • No fruit and veg of any kind.
  • NO MILK.
  • Half empty or totally empty freezers.
  • No cheese.
  • No cooked meat.
  • No JARS of potatoes. 
  • Limited fresh meat.
  • No fresh bread.

No drama, this may be the start of panic buying for a very different reason than lockdown. At that time, after a couple of days shelves were restocked completely. If they can´t restock basic essentials we´re screwed.

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