Food shortages in Europe

After noticing an absence of staple foods last week, I wrote about our own experience of seeing empty “sections” of shelves in supermarkets here, and was curious to find out more. So I widened the scope and did a bit of research on food shortages in Europe. End conclusion being very worrying.

  • Netherlands: Only 50% of fishing boats are going out to sea, costs too high, income from price of fish too low.
  • Northern Spain to northwest Germany, UK and Ireland. Crops of asparagus (and many others) have been wiped out due to extreme weather, and lack of workforce due to covid.
  • France: People are buying cheap cheese with longer shelf life, causing fresh cheese to be thrown away at source.
  • Belgium: Potato mountains, a result of no restaurants open, no demand. There is an upside if you can call it that, they´re being donated to those in need.

Meanwhile, huge facilities in Europe housing food overflow for restaurants are at full capacity. That´s just crazy, sell it off cheap, or again, DONATE. Unfortunately that won´t happen when large food establishments are PAYING for that storage. So hey, it´s all about big bucks, oh what a surprise.

Another thing to ponder on is the cost of moving freight and cargo, for example tanker operators have put the price of hiring a container up by an average of 30%. The worst hit will be small businesses who´ve made online shopping their main source of income, the cost of sending goods abroad is too high. There´s not as many tankers moving on the high seas as there used to be either.

Then there´s Brexit causing miles of stationary lorries and wagons at Dover, some carrying food that´s rotten when it finally arrives in France. Well that´s a fine old mess of paperwork, red tape, and avoiding covid that ain´t going away anytime soon.

As for here in Spain, the world´s biggest exporter of fresh fruit and veg?? Try finding some, no word of a lie, the shelves are totally empty. Milk is another luxury not to be found anywhere. Dwindling bread, cheese, and fresh meat. Need I go on? Well yes, because there´s an important point to be made here, Spain is self-sufficient with fruit, veg, and milk so where the hell is it??

Oh wait! I stand  corrected on a miniscule scale, look what our son just brought home after wandering through three different supermarkets..


Debbie Downer over and out, the four horsemen are on their way.

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