All dressed up for an exciting day out

Yesterday, in anticipation of today´s exciting day out I had a shower, put some nail varnish on, and even sorted out my rats nest of waist length hair which took half an hour getting knots out. Painful, but “you´re worth it.”

So this exciting day out consisted of THREE different events! I could hardly contain myself!

  1. Chemist.
  2. Petrol station.
  3. Supermarket.

I mean aside from playing drunk scrabble, this bordered on fake fiesta time. Unfortunately it didn´t go quite as planned.

  1. The chemist was shut.
  2. The petrol station was open, success! We´ve got enough diesel in the tank to travel a long way! Oh wait, we´re not allowed outside the boundaries of our region, so hold back on those memories of free movement. Honestly it´s excruciatingly painful putting fuel in your car while overlooking the beautiful blue Med, makes it easily possible to verge on the edge of insanity. 
  3. The supermarket. Stress before success. Took a while, but we’ve worked out WHY the shelves are empty at our local food store. It’s British owned and all it’s goods must be imported, which translates to “all it’s goods are stuck at Dover.” I mean that huge empty aisle where fruit and veg used to be is just plain weird to see.


I’ve previously mentioned we only use the place for basics,, except when there aren’t any. So we drove all the way to our favourite Spanish store called “Mercadona” just for bread, milk, and dishcloths. We do our weekly shop there, and guess what, the shelves are always full.         

Situation explained, there’s only one logical conclusion. Spain exports fresh fruit and veg to the UK, then they send some back here to stock a very small number of Brit shops. Stupid, considering we’re surrounded by the good stuff.

So the “exciting day out” turned into stress, turmoil, frustration, and me not ever having a shower again.   

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