Can I write a blogpost out of nothing? Has any service provider thought about us lifestyle bloggers running out of content due to no lifestyle anymore? Bet not.

For goodness sake, I´ve even resorted to posting commentary and photos of empty shelves inside a Brit supermarket here, while comparing the situation to full shelves at Spanish owned supermarkets recently. See, there I go again, (unintentional puny pun as a bonus). Just call it 2 for the price of 1.

There must be plenty of political blogs out there with the same amount of content as a library to work through, a book blog post per day full of no need to discuss the internal workings of supermarkets. Jeez I´d rather be boring than wade through mass corruption, must be exhausting.

So maybe perhaps I should introduce a section on here called “knitting for beginners while doing yoga” or “basket weaving for experts while riding a bike.” It´s all good fun, well it might be, except I know nothing. (Again).

Big news of today, I wiped a table outside and got sand in my eye.  

Meanwhile, even the Spanish sky knows nothing.


Coming up tomorrow: Mopping tiles and cleaning work surfaces, if I can be bothered.

2 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Hello! Maybe not the best post to introduce myself as a new reader.
    I do agree, it’s hard to create content when you don’t have much to do. Even going out to get supplies so I can keep myself entertained feels scary to me. Hopefully, the situation will start to go back to normal at some point in the next few months.

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    1. Hi there, thank you for joining as a new reader, it was nice of you to leave a comment! Welcome to my blog which I hope will remain amusing while we all feel like we’re under house arrest. Yes it certainly does feel scary just going out for necessities, I will be following the double mask advice from now on..

      There’s only one case we know of in our little area, but we’re literally surrounded, and access in or out of our region is closed. Has been for three months now.

      So maybe I’ll do a stroll down memory lane on here, complete with photos going back in time to when we were free. Oh if only..


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