A trip down memory lane

Well I’ve come up with a better idea than yesterday´s “Nothing” post about lack of inspiration while under house arrest. What is there to write about that contributes to a lifestyle blog?

In the crappy now times, all the crappy content I have to offer is the likes of cleaning tiles, putting clothes in the washer, and tidying up. Nah just kidding, truth is I can´t be bothered.

So why not focus on nostalgia? There´s several years of happy content on here to sift through and fondly remember without using copy and paste. Plus many of the 18,000+ photos on my laptop I never had time to post. (Yes you read that number correctly).

This might be an option for other lifestyle bloggers? We all have different versions of the same confinement rules, so why not go back to when we had freedom, rediscover and rewrite about the past? There´s so many conversations within this household begin with:   

“Do you remember when…”

Somehow it transforms into reliving memories of that particular experience with fun and laughter. Life has changed so drastically for almost a year now, on a personal note I´ve found diving into nostalgia is therapeutic, even precious.

Maybe the animated written word can be too, it´s all we´ve got.

2016-02-16 16.01.56

Mario the doorman holding a brolly, it was 34C that day, it was 2016, and it brought back fond memories of where we were and why.

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