Sahara sandstorm

Thanks Africa, no wind, no rain, just a mysterious unwelcome layer of sand has settled itself over the Costa Blanca, and will continue to do so through tomorrow and maybe the day after. Aemet even issued a weather warning and to stay inside, wait what? We all live outside, (only within the confines of our own garden of course). The inside of the house is alien to us, except when watching a TV series on Netflix, or in bed asleep.

We thought we were sheltered here, odd freak shitty weather events usually skirt round us, or aren´t as bad as predicted.

Day 1: Our car.

Front windscreen.


Back windscreen.


Close up of WHITE bonnet.




Hubby and son gave it a power wash this afternoon, but only so we could use it to go shopping, no point giving it a proper clean up till the air is clear again. Meanwhile we´re cheating, sat outside “under the arches” as I call it, two of the sides down and I can still feel my eyes burning. We had half the Sahara dumped on us once before, it came down as a brief rain shower and turned everything luminous yellow, personally I would´ve preferred aquatic blue.  

Tip: Never mind the Sahara, did you know that over a few years of not regularly washing your car here, just a small layer of unnoticeable sand constantly left unattended, and the sun will eventually burn the paint off? I´ve only ever seen a handful of older cars like that, never been looked after, end result Mr Blobby style roof, or bonnet, or both. Ugh. 

Not to worry, sand doesn´t hang around in the air and strip the paint off us humans, for vehicles it´s normally all about sand build up from either side of a road.

In conclusion, car wash places will never go out of business, neither will hosepipes.

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