It just gets worse

As previously stated yesterday, this house is now a disaster zone, an emergency situation, the very place you´re supposed to remain cooped up during a pandemic and feel safe. It borders on irony in our place..

And it could only happen to us.

We “thought” between us every problem had been discovered and reluctantly assessed. But today, extra surprises were found, you know, nothing major, just a wall bowing out going up the stairs, two bathroom wall tiles on the other side ominously overlapping each other. Oh, and even more bulges have appeared on the bathroom ceiling.

There is a small slice of good news, the boiler was replaced earlier so we now have warm water. Oh whoopee doo (she says sarcastically). We suspect the pipes within the wall have been damaged due to the sheer force of water coming down, that´s why it diverted into other places… Raise arms if you want to risk a shower up there?

On a personal basis, an unseen consequence of all this utter devastation is the usual banter between the three of us, the good old “keep your spirits up” has changed to silence. What else is there to talk about? Which tradesman to call in first? How much is it all going to cost us? The insurance phone call was forgotten today. No more photos, it breaks my heart to look at.

If you´re stuck in your safe place, somewhere, anywhere, I hope your abode is as safe as you.

This, for us, is a nightmare situation within a nightmare situation, so I´m about to drink myself into oblivion, it helps till tomorrow. 

2 thoughts on “It just gets worse

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We had a new boiler fitted yesterday, and “Mr sell you short” insurance assessor is coming round tomorrow to view the damage.
      Beyond that we have no idea where to start, so many things will have to be done in the right order.
      Fortunately we have a friend who´s a builder, so he can help.
      Even so, this is going to be a very messy situation to sort over a long period of time.



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