Mr Insurance Assessor reminds me of the olden days

Well, he came round, took about 10,000 photos, so we´re hoping for 10,000 euros insurance, probably be more like 1,000 but never mind. Jeez he even noticed something we hadn´t! When he was leaving we heard a polite “Thank you,” (twice) but wait, weren´t we supposed to be saying that?

Perhaps he thought it was “Goodbye” in a different context, but confusion set in simply because it was difficult to think of a reply, caught off guard, we both stood there like a couple of waving statues each wearing a cheesy grin.

I kid ye not it was like “the last farewell” as I stood there thinking of Spanish / English words to compensate, it just didn´t happen. Even a simple “Adios” wasn´t appropriate, neither was “de nada” because the situation was not “of nothing” it was of something. In hindsight “Buenos Dias” would´ve  been appropriate, but I froze amidst two languages.

In the olden days when we could all go out for a drink while sat in the sun, it was common courtesy for a Brit person to say OLA, and a Spanish person to say HELLO. Even continuation of the fundamental conversation while correcting each other was fun.

The three loony´s of this broken house were playing a game of “I remember when” last night. Pick a subject and tell an amusing story about yourself and what happened, thing is, because we´re family we each remember our own version and chip in with extra bits, or wrong bits, or learn new bits. End result, each story lasts about an hour, which leaves plenty of content to keep us going for the next ten years or so.

We even have a competition about who can do the loudest or weirdest farts, our son cracks me up (excuse pun) he can drop one and keep a straight face like nothing ever happened. Oh my god, what talent.

Not much beats this though, dancing on the beach every Friday afternoon, with the Med about 100 metres away.


Back then us natives took it all for granted. Now is all about simple silly little things as entertainment, it has to be.

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