Post Covid Anxiety?

Have you heard of “post covid anxiety” syndrome? Basically it means being granted freedom again creates a real fear of going out, anywhere, with anxiety levels ranging from stressful to terrifying. After being cooped up like prisoners for so long, reasons are obvious.

Well hey, I have another version, call it “present day anxiety syndrome.” Going out food shopping feels like a necessary nightmare. We´re surrounded by hotspots, Alicante one side, Murcia the other, so it´s safe here right? No. There´s a young guy lives round the corner with mum and dad now, lost his job, lost his apartment,, and got covid. It was way back in the days when the pubs were open from 10am till 6pm, he doesn´t go out much anywhere else, has no car of his own, went to the same empty local as we occasionally popped into, and sat for a chat with us regularly.

I remember while he was in isolation for two weeks, us three turned into hypochondriacs. Just blowing your nose meant there were two pairs of eyes zoomed in on this personal procedure, as for a sneeze, back away, forget “you ok?”  

Of course the burning question during that time was where and who did he get it from? Had to be this tiny area of the massive  “ghost coast” as we now call it. Not even Spanish second home owners are allowed here, so there is a bonus or two, nobody´s going to bring it with them from elsewhere, and there´s no queues at the dreaded supermarket checkout.

In my humble opinion, as an optimist sat amidst reality, this pandemic isn´t going away anytime soon. It´s too little too late.

  • World leaders went into denial for 6 months as covid spread from country to country.
  • Cases and deaths went up on a massive, unthinkable scale.
  • Three vaccines with limited trials were created. Distribution is like playing Scrabble with several tiles missing.
  • There isn´t enough to meet demand, countries are playing roulette about quantity required, and who gets it first. 
  • One of the two dose vaccines has now dropped down to one useless single poke in the arm.
  • Time is an issue that can´t be met due to delays in production vs new variants.
  • No-one truly knows how long any vaccine “protection” lasts, scientists say 6 to 8 months.
  • The J&J vaccine recently approved is only around 60% effective, but to world leaders it must be cheap and cheerful. “Hey you got a vaccine, not our fault you can´t breathe.”
  • Numbers are going down, only because tighter restrictions have been imposed world wide.
  • Not enough people are willing to take any vaccine.

Even worse, a first class example of moronic stupidity, there´s two states in the Not United States, both opened up completely,, both with high rates of covid. I understand the desperation for normality BUT HEY, HUMAN HEALTH COMES FIRST, AHEAD OF CORRUPTION, FALSE PROMISES and tinfoil hats.

So basically we´re all fucked, don´t worry about “Post covid anxiety” there won´t be any, the present day version will suffice.

Well that´s enough about morbid reality, apologies for the absence of satirical content today, perhaps it went down the hill to the Med just 3K away. (Dreams without police patrol).

Anyway, here´s a pretty little something to make you smile, I´ve nursed it back to health (no vaccine required). Also worth noting, it´s not supposed to be flowering this time of year, my tender loving care must keep it happy (along with other green members of our garden).


The promise of new life.

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