A watery weather warning

We haven´t seen the sun for a few days now, bit windy too. Today is a whole different story, heavy rain, no wind, and still no sun. This kind of weather is freaky, having no sun for four days means withdrawal symptoms kick in big style.

In the olden days (two years ago) rare weather like this in Spain would cause us all to stay inside and only go out if necessary, oh wait that sounds familiar.. So basically what you can´t do anyway has another layer of what you can´t do anyway added to the original can´t do anyway.

Even so, there is some humour to be found amidst insanity, in the days of yore when we lived in the UK, this kind of weather was considered normal, people went about their business as before, no need for weather warnings on this small scale.

But here it´s a whole different story, amber or orange warnings are issued for what appears to be no big deal.

  • Amber alert = wind alone.
  • Amber alert = rain alone.
  • Orange alert = a breeze and rain together.

Look at that freezing temperature thrown in the mix:


Now to be fair, a real wind can cause havoc in gardens, outside is where we live, therefore innocent items are capable of turning into ballistic missiles. I kid ye not we once found a hanging basket “hanging” on our gate.

As for rain, well the roads suffer most, they turn into ice skating rinks without the ice. Cars here don´t normally require chainmail tyres so it´s a tad risky.

Fun fact: The roads are built with a mix of tarmac to cater for hot sun, not cold rain. They don´t even have drain grids either side, just strategically placed “run offs” in hidden places.

Hey, it´s just stopped raining! Still no sun, maybe that´s because it´s gone night-time dark…

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