Happy corona anniversary

It was one year ago since we went into full lockdown, Friday 13th would you believe, the day we lost our freedom and turned to Netflix as a substitute. I never believed that particular date was unlucky, now I do believe it´s capable of devastating life as we know it.

I remember that night vividly, we were out with our friends having a good time, call it the fond farewell before we had to go our separate ways, be home ahead of midnight and stay there. Beyond the witching hour only life´s necessities were allowed, supermarkets, chemists, and gas stations.

At first it was weird, then it became normal, then it became have a shower and get dressed up for a visit to the supermarket. Now it´s a case of “well you go” no you go. Depends on who´s turn it is to have a fantastic night out taking rubbish to the bin. So we have a rota system in this house, it doesn´t work very well, possibly because we´ve forgotten how a rota system works.

There´s also a mildly amusing “official” game happens on a regular basis, places like “non essential” shops are allowed to open, then a week later they´re closed again. Sometimes curfew is 10pm, sometimes it´s 11pm. Sometimes pubs are allowed to open for a few hours, restaurants too, but nobody goes there anyway.

In the early days they occasionally opened up the borders of our region. Been shut for months on end since then, (only emergencies, front line workers, and transport lorries allowed to cross of course). No disrespect, but to be honest it´s not like any of us parked up prisoners fancies a road trip.     

Is this what paranoia feels like? Would you risk your life for a new pair of knickers, even a pack of six on offer? Jeez I´m recycling mine, even those that have parted company with the elastic in various places. In the olden days a trip to La Zenia Boulevard would be required, but only as an excuse to browse my favourite designer shops for something a bit more sophisticated, to be worn with pride (on the outside). Well HA to that. Brings back fond memories though.

Back on the subject of undergarments, in summer when we all wear the likes of shorty shorts, the odd pair of knickers can be visible from the back end usually at one side, but only because it´s oven baked on. Nobody bats an eyelid here anyway, and this year there´ll be nothing to not bat an eyelid at.

Note for desperate “holidaymakers” in 2021: Don´t be fooled by hotels offering board and lodgings at a bargain price, they´re all shut, but they´ll still take your deposit. Same goes for airlines, book your seat, pay your dues, and find your flight cancelled at the airport..

There´s even a big ding dong going on from people who live HERE not being allowed to go to their second homes HERE. Must be a bit lot annoying when there´s talk of holidaymakers testing the water too soon. Hard to believe but true.

So on that note I bid ye safety first now, and freedom first sometime around 2050.


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