The insurance farce

There was vague hope the insurance money for half the house being rebuilt might be a bit more than a measly 600 euros. So there it is, sat in the bank waiting to cover only the cost of tools required, it seems what they forgot is the amount of work involved. Tight gits.

See here for some photos I took of the water damage, I can´t look at them, makes me cringe, and for some reason the kitchen mess wasn´t included (too painful to post). But it has to be said, this is the biggest worry.


Note the bulges in that wall? Since I took this, It´s getting bigger, not growing further outwards like you´d expect, a weird grey colour is expanding all around it in an uneven circle. Here´s the kicker, it´s a supporting wall that needs shoring up ASAP.

Yesterday we “phoned a friend” who´s a millionaire painter, (excuse gameshow pun) he told us he´d speak with a builder he knows, then ring us back. Nope, no reply, nothing, nada. Looks like we´re going to have to get a whole team of builders in to do the job(s) and it´s not going to be cheap. That wall is the worst problem, ALL or PART of it will have to be rebuilt, then there´s the kitchen, how much of that is going to need refurbishing? Then there´s the bathroom ceiling and new wall tiles in there and oh my god I´m going insane.

Well what is life without a bit of fun eh? I booked a hair appointment last week, went there yesterday, and the place was shut. So I tried another one and there was no answer. Great, my hair will have to stay two shades of blonde till whenever.

This morning I was watering my plants, they`re all in pots because everywhere´s tiled, which means they like water, but not too much. As I write this sat outside “under the arches” with the sides down, it´s also pissing down. The words “waterlogged greenery” come to mind, for obvious reasons  weather forecast apps don´t get much attention here. 

I also knocked over a plant spray thing without a lid and it flowed all over my self made designer gardening trainers and beyond, they´re not particularly pretty, but that´s not the point.

Later on I spilt a can of coke all over a glass table, and it also went beyond.

Hubby´s just appeared from upstairs checking out the wall that may fall and heard a dripping sound (panic mode) in the conservatory, we´d left two of the big windows open which is the norm, but this dam rain had formed a splash puddle with holes in it up there. Thank heavens every floor is tiled, and, erm, THIS was nothing to add to the list of disasters. However there was a discussion about who last opened them, and shush it was me, but never mind. Oh the sheer elation of just wiping down a floor with a duster has never felt so wonderful, unfortunately it only lasted a few minutes.    

I can hear the raging angry Med from here, I can also sympathise with those breakers.

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