At last damage control begins

Which in basic terms means the mess already created will turn into a bigger kind of mess before a positive outcome can be achieved. Two guys were sent out yesterday to assess the damage, and the re-building work required.

The wall problem isn´t as big a job as we thought, but they´ve still got to drill through the darn thing to check for leaky pipe joints from the sheer pressure of water. So they´ll put this camera thingy pipe down to erm, check the pipes.

Unfortunately the one place we thought was least important is now a big job. The bathroom wall inspection where just two tiles had shifted became a “Knock Knock” out of tune drumbeat. “Who´s there?” Turned out it was the socially distanced violin section playing a symphony of sympathy.

End result, a (silent) leak had been going on for yonks, over the passage of time a patch of wet wall leads to damp plaster and dancing tiles. Then there was that dam waterfall to contend with, the last straw. In hindsight we should have known something was wrong when (also for yonks) a line of water collected next to the conservatory, a metre or so away from the boiler´s little house. Blame the sun, it´s only noticeable in winter, now we have a new boiler up there the water line has gone.

First on the list of workmen tomorrow, the electrician. oh goody, we can show him the kitchen ceiling light which just three days ago literally blew up with a mini lightening flash and knocked the power out. Hubby opened the junction box and reset everything, inevitably the light doesn´t work anymore. (Phew). Even so, the nerves were jangling while stood under it cooking a chicken casserole.

Strange thing is, after a year of being locked up, the first thing that came to mind was totally weird, “Let´s go out for a meal instead.” Obviously we did not, would not, could not. Oops.

Note: All of the above was written yesterday, while sat under a cloud of ominous dread after the pair of builder´s assessment. We told the story, they saw all the damage, and discussed each eyesore as they came across it. We received a quote at the end of the day which was pretty reasonable.

TODAY: At 8am sharp, four of them turned up in two vans. Wow! One was the plasterer / tiler, one was an electrician, one was the kitchen man, and then there was the big boss himself who spoke English. It was a professional team! Even so, things have to be done in order. I suspect the last thing will be the kitchen, the guy just wanted to have a look at it for future reference and plans.

So today, tomorrow and maybe beyond are “bathroom restoration days.”

The tiler went straight up there and made a start on the bubble ceiling, left the stuff he´d used to dry off, then started knocking the dancing tiles off the wall. We´d already chosen which non dancing tiles we wanted, and big boss tootled off to get them. We decided this would be a “feature wall” different to the others without looking odd. The bathroom radiator that never got used was scrapped, tried it once in winter on the highest heat setting and throw the heat outwards setting. Conclusion, air con for igloos.

So with plaster behind them, minus grout as yet, most of the tiles are up except for a gap at the end where the water flowed in. Something else (besides the ceiling filler) he´s leaving overnight just to make sure it´s completely dry. Plaster off, we can see through to the bricks there. Good idea, they all look happy, healthy, and full of golden promise.

On a final note, this is all I can think about at the moment, scepticism has gone even though there´s a long road ahead. Meantime I´m going to watch Fawlty Towers…

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